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Welcome, First-Year Promise Students!
What is First-Year Promise?

First-Year Promise gives qualified incoming students the opportunity to attend College of the Canyons tuition- and fee-free for their first fall and spring semesters. The program is exclusively for first-time, full-time enrolled freshmen who have applied to and been accepted into the First-Year Promise Program.​

  • Up to 15 units per term of enrollment and student fees waived for fall and spring semesters.
  • Parking permit or city bus pass per term for fall and spring.
  • $100 bookstore gift card per term for fall and spring.
  • Priority enrollment and registration for fall and spring.
  • Enrollment into English and math courses needed for success and completion.
  • Weekly counseling contact in the fall.
  • Career exploration and guidance.
How Much Will I Save?

First-Year Promise will save a student more than $1,500 for the year.​​
  • $46/unit up to 15 units per term (savings of up to $1,380)
  • $10/year for Student Center Fee
  • $20/term for Student Health Fee
  • $15/term for Student Support Fee
  • $1/term for Student Representation Fee
  • $50/term for parking $100-plus of books by using Open Educational Resources (OER) and the bookstore gift card each term.​

College of the Canyons College Promise Application »

​​ Eligibility

• Be a California resident or AB540-eligible student.

• Graduate from the William S. Hart Union High School District or a neighboring high school district in spring 2017.


• Enroll in Counseling 150 FYP this summer.

• Enroll in fall 2017 designated FYP courses, including English, math and counseling, and maintain at least 12 units.

• Enroll in spring 2018 and maintain at least 12 units.

• Maintain a minimum 2.25 GPA.

• Participate in all program elements, such as supplemental instruction, faculty mentoring, etc.​​​

Note: Applications for 2017 are Closed
All of these steps MUST be completed:

• College of the Canyons enrollment application for summer and fall 2017​

• Online orientation

• Assessment test

• New Student Advisement Workshop

Application and information​

• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


AB540-eligible students can apply via the California Dream Act application

• First-Year Promise student application

Application​ (expired)


Send an email to​ or call (661) 362-5891​.


1. I have been accepted into the FYP program. Now what do I do?

Congratulations! You will now want to go to this link and state that you agree to be part of the program. If you do not want to be part of the program, please follow the link and indicate that you no longer want to be part of the program. You will then want to add one of the First Year Experience Counseling 150 courses. The section numbers are below. If the class is full, please select a different section number on the list below. Do not register for a Counseling 150 that is not among those below. 

COUNS-150 Sections: 27829, 27830, 27831, 27832, 27833, 27834, 27835, 27837, 27838, 27839, 27840, 30056, 30057

2. What if I registered for a different Counseling 150 that what is on the list? 

Then you put yourself in the wrong class. Please drop that class and add one of the Counseling 150 sections above.  

3. But none of those classes work in my schedule. Now what?

You have to make one of them work to be part of the FYP program. 

4. I cannot register in the FYP Counseling 150 course. What do I do now?

Students were flagged on the evening of May 26. If they tried to register before that, they might have received an error. They should try again, and if they are still not getting through. If you are receiving an error message, please complete the step that the error message is having you complete. For example, if the error message states you do not have an application on file, please submit a summer 2017 application. This can be done online or in the Admissions & Records office. If you are still having problems, email​

5. I enrolled in Counseling 150 and have an account balance. Do I pay for it?

When students register for Counseling 150, they will be carrying an account balance. We will transfer the payment to the student’s account the first week of the class. Students should not pay the bill. Also, please do NOT buy a parking permit or textbook for the Counseling 150 summer course. We are working to provide students with those materials by or at the Welcome Day event.

6. Uh-oh – I did pay for it and paid for a parking permit. Now what?

Have no fear, we will take care of it. Email​ and we will work with you to get a refund. 

7. Should I buy the book for Counseling 150?

Nope, we have that covered too. You will get access to the book on your first day of class. 

8. If I cannot attend the Welcome Day, will there be a penalty? 

Welcome Day is highly recommended but not mandatory. However, attendance at the face to face parts of the Counseling 150 class is mandatory and students should plan appropriately.

9. I am going to be gone for part of the Counseling 150 course, can I still be part of FYP?

No, you will need to be at each session of the Counseling 150 course. Please make sure to schedule your vacations or other items outside of the Counseling 150 course. 

10. Will students need to register in their respective English and math courses in the fall term? 

Yes, but they will build this out in their COUNS 150 course in the summer. Students will also need to register for FYE 100 and Counseling 110 in the fall semester. These four classes will be paid for by the First Year Promise.