Eligibility for Foster Youth
“Foster youth” means a person who is currently in foster care, and “former foster youth” means a person who is an emancipated foster youth and who is 24 years of age or younger.
There are two accepted forms of verification for foster youth status:
  1. Ward of the Court or Dependency letter on official county letterhead from the student’s county-of-origin
  2. County Foster Care Verification Card
As mandated by the California Department of Social Services, counties must provide youth with a proof of county dependency status for education and applications.  The form in which this proof comes varies by county, but must include the following information:
  • Youth Name
  • Date of birth
  • Current mailing address and Independent Living Program contact number
  • County Identification Number (aid payment number used to identify youth in out-of-home care) or Probation Identification Number
  • Dependency/Ward of the Court start date
  • Dependency/Ward of the Court termination end date (court date)