Optional Fees


Parking passes are required to park on campus at all times. Students may park in any student designated parking lot or space.
Student Representation Fee:

The Student Representation Fee provides support for students or college representatives who advocate student and college positions or viewpoints before city, county, and district governments, as well as, before office and agencies of the state and federal government. You may decline this fee based on religious, political, moral or financial reasons with a written request submitted to the Student Business Office prior to the refund deadline date.
Student Support Fee:
The Student Support Fee provides for the operation of the Student Center Computer Lab in which students can access computers with internet access, laser printers, photocopiers and fax services. Additional Student Support Fee benefits include free entry to all COC athletic events, discount movie tickets and discount amusement park tickets. Please see the Office of Student Development for a complete list of benefits.
To receive a refund of the optional Student Support Fee, a student must opt out in person prior to the refund deadline date at the Office of Student Development or the Student Business Office.