Payment Plan Criteria

Payments for classes are due at the time of registration. Non-resident students, who have applied for financial aid and have received notification of anticipated aid, may be eligible for a payment plan agreement. The payment plan will allow the student to pay their College of the Canyons tuition and college fees in two separate installments:
DOWN PAYMENT: Fifty percent (50%) of eligible fees and tuition.
FINAL PAYMENT: Fifty percent (50%) of eligible fees and tuition.
Optional fees, such as parking, must be paid in full and are not included in the payment plan.
The down payment is required to establish the payment plan and the remaining balance will be deferred until the first scheduled financial aid disbursement.
Payment plans may be established for spring and fall semesters.  There are no payment plans available for the winter or summer semesters.
Payment plans must be established in person and prior to the start of the semester.
If you would like to set up a payment plan, you must contact the Student Business Office prior to your registration and complete your down payment and Promissory Note on the day you register.
Who is eligible for a payment plan:
1.     Be a non-resident student, but not an ISP on a visa
2.     Be 18 years of age or older
3.     Have and maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA
4.     Have applied for Financial Aid and received an Award Letter
5.     Not have any other balances owing or holds or encumbrances
6.     Not have defaulted on a payment plan for previous semesters.
6.     If awarded and receiving loans, you must complete an online four step process to activate the loans. Please see Financial Aid Site to complete: (1) Loan Counseling Workshop (2) Loan Activation (3) Loan Master Promissory Note (4) Exit Counseling
7.     You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units, in order to be considered half time and receive a financial aid award. Note: Your award letter lists the approved amount based on full time status. If you are less than full time, the amount of your award will be adjusted accordingly. Your award will be distributed in two separate payments. Please see Financial Aid for the disbursement dates.
Required at the time of establishing the Payment plan:
1.     A photo id. (COC Id or Driver’s license)
2.   A copy of the student Financial Aid Award Letter.
3.   A minimum down payment of fifty percent (50%).
4.   Signature on a College of the Canyons Promissory Note
When are payments due 
Payments for classes are due at the time of registration. In order to prevent being dropped for non-payment, immediately following registration, the student must complete their payment plan, make a down payment and sign the Promissory Note. Classes will not be protected until the payment plan has been completed.
DOWN PAYMENT: The down payment is required at the time that the plan is established.
FINAL PAYMENT: The final payment is due immediately following the first scheduled financial aid disbursement.
The first grant disbursement usually falls during the first week of the semester.
The first loan disbursement usually falls during the first week of the semester. For students who are first time borrowers, funds will be disbursed thirty (30) days from the start of the semester. Please visit the Financial Aid web site for exact disbursement dates.
How to pay 
All payments for payment plans must be made in person at the Student Business Office. Payment Plan Payments may not be made over the phone or online.
Payments may be made with cash, check, money order, VISA or Master Card. All credit card payments require that the credit card be present.
What happens if you miss a payment
Failure to pay may result in the student being dropped from their classes or have a hold placed on their financial records preventing them from receiving college services including, but not limited to, registration privileges, transcripts, library services, etc.
Students who miss deadline dates, causing their financial aid to be disbursed at a later date, will still be required to pay their balance on the assigned due date. There are no extensions.
How to set up a Payment Plan:
Payment plans are set up by appointment. Students should contact the Student Business Office one week prior to registering to set up an appointment.
Payment Plans must be made and the promissory note signed by the student in person at the Valencia Campus Student Business Office, located in Seco Hall, Room 101.
To set up an appointment, please contact the Student Business Office at 661-362-3033.