Complete New Student Advisement

(If you have already completed a new student advisement workshop proceed to the next step, Register/Pay for Class.)

Looking for the New Student Virtual Advisor?  It is currently under construction and will be up and running shortly.  In the meantime, new students can choose the New Student Advisement Workshop.  

Sign up online here or in person at the Valencia or Canyon Country counseling offices.
This workshop describes the levels of counseling support as well as student service resources at the Valencia and Canyon Country campuses. Students will learn about certificate, associate degree, and transfer pathways, including general education and major requirements.  Students will also be introduced to the various ways to take classes at COC.  At the conclusion of the workshop, students will complete a first-semester educational plan.







1. Online orientation
2. On-ground assessment        testing
3. New student advisement

We know from experience that students who complete certain core services are more likely to meet their educational goals. Because these core services are so critical to college success, we are making their completion mandatory for all new students.








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