Complete Assessment Requirements

Don't wait until the week before a priority registration deadline! If you do, expect long wait times... ​

(If you have already completed assessment testing proceed to the next step, New Student Advisement Workshops.)

Assessment tests in English or ESL and math measure your skills in those subjects. The results of your assessment tests determine which level English and math class you can start with at COC. Assessment testing is available at the Valencia and the Canyon County campus centers. It is not an online service.   

How do I prepare for assessment testing?

Review preparation materials on the Assessment website before you take your assessment tests. The webpage includes sample questions, a video review program and web resources.  We highly recommend the Accuplacer phone app and web based study guide found on the Assessment webpage.
If you would like face-to-face help to brush-up your math skills, we have math expert guides who can help you prepare for the math assessment. The assessment web page lists their hours and location.  And remember:  Do not walk in cold to assessment testing – the results are too important to take lightly. You can only test once every six months.  

How do I get started?

The English, ESL, and math tests are free and no appointment is needed.  Give yourself about 1 ½ hours to complete testing. You must bring a Photo ID to test. 

You may not need to test IF ...

If you have certain Advanced Placement scores, equivalent coursework completed at another college, or are college ready in English EAP, you may not have to take assessment testing.  Consult the Assessment Center webpage for more details. 
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1. Online orientation
2. On-ground assessment testing
3. New student advisement

We know from experience that students who complete certain core services are more likely to meet their educational goals. Because these core services are so critical to college success, we are making their completion mandatory for all new students.