Water Systems Technology 

Program Details: Our drinking water follows a path from storage to treatment plants, through the distribution system, to the customer’s tap and finally to wastewater facilities. These components are vital to the supply of safe and reliable drinking water to the communities we live in as well as the safe and efficient treatment of wastewater.

Water Technology encompasses a variety of careers in the water and wastewater industries.

Both the private and public sector employ thousands of water professionals in areas such as:

      • Distribution

      • Treatment

      • Water Quality

      • Customer Service

      • Engineering

      • Testing

      • And more


Community Job Survey Estimated Wages:

      • Entry level wage: $11-14 per hour plus OT

      • One year wage: $13-18 per hour plus OT

      • Three year wage: $16-20 per hour plus


Land Surveying

Program Details: A Land Surveyor measures and records property boundaries and the topography of the land covered by construction and engineering projects. This measurement and the recorded data are called a “survey.” Surveys are used to establish legal boundaries, prepare maps and exhibits, and are the basis for written descriptions of land tracts that satisfy legal requirements. Without surveyors, railroads and highways could not be built, large buildings could not be erected, and homeowners could not put up fences around their yards, for fear of trespassing on someone else's land. Surveyors work to set land values, subdivide land into lots, and stake development sites. Surveyors use mathematical reasoning ability to visualize objects, measure distances, sizes, and other abstract forms. They must be precise and accurate in their work because mistakes can be costly.

Surveying offers great career options:

  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyor
    • ​Primary Responsibilities:
      • Direct survey teams and take the legal responsibility for all survey results.

      • Write descriptions of land for deeds, leases, and other legal documents.

      • Research legal records for evidence of previous boundaries.

      • Interpret and check GPS results.

      • Prepare survey maps.

      • Prepare subdivision



Computer Networking

Program Details: The field of Information Technology offers the individual that is interested in computer networking and telecommunications a dynamic and challenging career opportunity. Today's business model requires a digital information and telecommunication system to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace. An expanding workforce of network engineers and technicians is needed to implement and maintain these digital infrastructures.

The Computer Networking Department at College of the Canyons offers an excellent opportunity to learn the skills necessary to enter this challenging and rewarding field.

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