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Agenda 8.21.14.docx 

Agenda 9.24.14.docx

Agenda 10.20.14.docx

Agenda 11.17.14.docx 

Agenda 12.12.14.docx

 Agenda 3.30.15.docx

Agenda 4.27.15.docx

Agenda 5.18.15.docx



Agenda 8.20.15.docx   Minutes:  KPE Minutes 8-20-15.docxKPE Minutes 8-20-15.docx

Agenda 10.30.15.docx  

Agenda 11.23.15.docx  

Agenda 2.29.16.docx     Minutes:  KPE Minutes 2-29-16.docxKPE Minutes 2-29-16.docx

Agenda 4.18.16.docx     Minutes:  KPE Minutes 4-18-16.docxKPE Minutes 4-18-16.docx

Agenda 5.16.16.docx    


Agenda 8.18.16.docxAgenda 8.18.16.docx      Minutes:  KPE Minutes 8-18-16.docxKPE Minutes 8-18-16.docx

Agenda 9.16.16.docxAgenda 9.16.16.docx      Minutes:  KPE Minutes 9-16-16.docxKPE Minutes 9-16-16.docx

Agenda 10.21.16.docxAgenda 10.21.16.docx    Minutes:  KPE Meeting Minutes 10-21-16.docxKPE Meeting Minutes 10-21-16.docx

Agenda 12.5.16.docxAgenda 12.5.16.docx      Minutes:  KPE Minutes 12-5-16.docxKPE Minutes 12-5-16.docx

Agenda 2.13.17.docxAgenda 2.13.17.docx      Minutes:  KPE Minutes 2-13-17.docxKPE Minutes 2-13-17.docx

Agenda 3.13.17.docxAgenda 3.13.17.docx       

Agenda 5.8.17.docxAgenda 5.8.17.docx        Minutes:  KPE Minutes 5.8.17.docxKPE Minutes 5.8.17.docx


Agenda 8.28.17.docxAgenda 8.28.17.docx       

Agenda 10.13.17.docxAgenda 10.13.17.docx     Minutes: KPE SCHOOL MEETING 10-13-17.pdfKPE SCHOOL MEETING 10-13-17.pdf

Agenda 11.17.17.docxAgenda 11.17.17.docx     Minutes: KPE Minutes 11-17-17.docxKPE Minutes 11-17-17.docx

Agenda 2.23.18.docxAgenda 2.23.18.docx       Minutes: KPE Minutes 2-23-18.docxKPE Minutes 2-23-18.docx

Agenda 3.23.18.docxAgenda 3.23.18.docx       Minutes: KPE SCHOOL MEETING 3-23-18.docxKPE SCHOOL MEETING 3-23-18.docx

Agenda 5.18.18.docxAgenda 5.18.18.docx       Minutes: KPE SCHOOL MEETING 5-18-18.docxKPE SCHOOL MEETING 5-18-18.docx

Agenda 8.31.18.docxAgenda 8.31.18.docx       Minutes: KPE School Retreat 8-31-18.docxKPE School Retreat 8-31-18.docx

Agenda 9.21.18.docxAgenda 9.21.18.docx       Minutes: KPE School Meeting 9-21-18.docxKPE School Meeting 9-21-18.docx

Agenda 10.19.18.docxAgenda 10.19.18.docx     Minutes: KPE School Meeting 10-19-18.docxKPE School Meeting 10-19-18.docx