Please see your syllabi for adjunct office hours for the Winter 2018 semester.



​​​Instructor Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​​Location
Etheridge-Criswell, S.​ ​BONH-325 661.362.3641​ N/A N/A
 * Malley, L.​ ​TWSH-102A ​​661.362.3158 N/A  N/A

Communication Studies

​Instructor ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
Kern, S.​ ​BONH-321 ​661.362.3515 ​M/W: 4:30 - 5:30 PM ​BONH-321
Kicenski, K.​ ​HSLH-339 ​661.362.3714 N/A N/A
Leach, M.​ ​HSLH-334 ​661.362.3654 N/A ​N/A
Leonard, V.​ ​HSLH-332 ​661.362.3441 N/A ​N/A
Stevenson, D.​ ​HSLH-342 ​661.362.3719 By appointment  TBD
* Stokes-Rice, T.​ ​HSLH-332 ​661.362.3170

Early Childhood Education

​Instructor​​ ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
Paris, J.​ ​ECE-126 ​661.362.3508 N/A N/A
Ruiz, W.​ ​ECE-125 ​661.362.3510 N/A ​N/A
* Stephens, C.​ ​ECE-127 ​​661.362.3512 ​N/A N/A 


​Instructor ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
​​Altenbernd, E. LIB-206 661.362.5605 M/TH: 10:00-11:00 AM
​Branch, S. ​HSLH-328 ​661.362.3064 ​N/A ​N/A
​Dermody, M. ​SCOH-202D ​661.362.3354 N/A N/A
​Johnson, J. ​LIB-206 ​661.362.5611 M/W: 10:00-11:00 AM Online
* Pennington, S.​ ​SCOH-306A ​661.362.3717 ​TBA ​TBA
​Riffel, B. ​BYKH-309 ​661.362.3151 ​M-TH: 8:30-9:30AM
Or by appointment
​Varga, J. ​SCOH-312E ​661.362.3720 ​By appointment TBD 

Political Science

​​Instructor ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
* ​Andrus, D. ​SCOH-208 ​661.362.3052 TBA Online
​Gussin, P. ​PCOH-222 ​661.362.3708 TBA Online
​Hernandez, N. ​MENH-206 ​661.362.3576 TBA Online
​Mosleh, M. ​PCOH-119 ​661.362.5935 By appointment Online 


Instr​uctor​ ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
Andrade, M.​ ​HSLH-333 ​661.362.3105 ​By appointment ​CCC-500 & Online
Howe, R.​ ​SCOH-207 ​661.362.5906 ​TBD ​Online
LaBrie, M.​ ​MENH-216 ​661.362.5368 By appointment Online
Mahan, T.​ ​MENH-218 ​661.362.5802 ​TBD TBD
Monosov​, N. ​SCOH-305D ​661.632.5613 TBD ​TBD
* ​Riveira, D. ​SCOH-305E ​661.362.5907 ​TBD ​TBD
Shepherd, R.​ ​SCOH-202E ​661.362.3534 ​TBD ​TBD


​Instructor ​Office ​Phone ​Office Hours ​Location
* Coleman, K.​ ​SCOH-303 ​661.362.5924 By appointment Online
Helfing, S.​ ​HSLH-347 ​661.362.5884 ​By appointment ​TBD
Marenco, A.​ ​CCC-700G ​661.362.3685 ​By appointment TBD
Ramirez, H.​ ​SCOH-306F ​661.362.5616 N/A N/A
Williams-Paez, P.​ ​BYKH-101 ​661.362.5904 N/A N/A
Wonser, R.​ ​SCOH-306C ​661.362.3595 By appointment  TBD

​* Indicates the Department Chair