Community-Based Learning is curriculum based and connects community work to classroom lectures, labs, and assignments. CBL is an educational philosophy which encourages critical thinking, social responsibility, and civic engagement. Students learn through experience and reflection of “real world” situations. It also encourages students to reflect on how to create and advocate for social change.
Community-Based Learning is different from volunteering and community service, it is about students researching, resolving, and reflecting upon issues, as well as thinking of ways to address situations. The focus of CBL is directly linked to civic and community engagement and reflects the larger goal of advancing active citizenship through democracy. Community-Based Learning encourages students to:
·  Identify their individual passion 
·  “Give back” to their community  
·  Confront social injustice
·  Experience social, cultural, and political diversity
·  Explore career paths related to non-profits, helping professions, education, and government
·  Encourage community change
·  Engage in social action
·  Understand a community issue  in relation to a “wicked problem”
·  Recognize their social responsibility as a citizen
·  Appreciate participatory democracy
·  Practice civility
·  Inspire dialogue of diverse perspectives and solutions of issues
·  Discuss social issues in an informed manner
·  Deepen their knowledge of political awareness and advocacy