ASG Officer Candidate Platform Statements  


Name: Tate Dickens
Position Running For: President
"I am running for student body president because I believe that College of the Canyons
could become a thriving academic environment. I want to encourage student participation in
relation to school related events. I want to help students and clubs make their visions become a
reality. I want this community college to be the stomping grounds of passionate students who
will change the future for the better. I have been told too many times by some of my peers that
there is an abundance of apathy or lack. I want to inspire people who feel like that to start
moving. I want students like that to get passionate. I want a student body president that will
include the quiet and hidden leaders of our future. I think it's time for the students of College of
the Canyons to hear what I might have to say. I am here to start a dialogue and if elected I will
turn those words into actions."
-Tate Cameron Dickens
Name: Tyler Robert Clark
Position Running For: President
Hi Everyone,
I want to reintroduce myself. I’m Tyler Clark, current ASG Director of Environmental Affairs. For those of you who don’t know, ASG is COC’s student government. We are a close circle who help organize clubs and events on campus, as well as advocate on your behalf. We are always open to questions and are here to help. That said, many of you may have noticed that it is election week. This is a great time for you to get involved and help elect student who wish to hold officer positions—like me. I’m running for student body president. My main mission as President would be to create a solid infrastructure to become a zero waste campus in the near future. I see potential for COC to become one of the first zero waste community college campuses in California and a role model for our community. The whole election process takes only a few minutes and is pretty straight forward. I’m here if any of you have any questions or if you yourself are interested in joining ASG let me know. I’m here to help.
Thank you 


Name: Sarah Farnell
Position Running For: Student Trustee

Running for student trustee is what I will do
And for this reason, I will write a poem for you:
To start things off, the students need to decide
Who will be best to serve for a year of your infinite COC ride
It is I, Sarah Farnell, who will provide for you best
Like a trustee wizard, of whom you will entrust with your stress
Whip, zoom, skkkrt, vroom – These strange noises I bestow-eth onto you;
In order to convey the passion I have, both strong and true
College of the Canyons is the groom, and I am his bride
For 3 whole years I have been surfing the tide
My finger is on the pulse of the COC scene
Confide in me your grievances, and I will help with your dreams
A theater major I am, and the Comedy Improv Club I lead
Vote for me, I plead, I bleed, indeed
If you doubt that I am serious, you have another thing coming
Because I fight the man, just ask me my plan, and together we have that COC loving





Name: Alma Dollente
Position Running For: Vice President

College is a place for enriched learning beyond textbooks; a place to expand and explore. COC has many resources to nurture successful students from all backgrounds. As VP with dedicated application, I plan to reinforce our synergy through all channels by being an advocate for all students and student involvement. I understand that we are all here to grow with a means to a better future. I believe it is necessary to create a solid foundation in our academic career, and as your fellow student I want to encourage resourcefulness and resilience. In the meantime, I aim for everyone to feel comfortable to brainstorm suggestions and possible solutions with ASG for improving our learning environment and the path to success. 







May vote for TWO candidates
​ ​


Name: Vanessa Luu
Position Running For: Social Student Involvement Coordinator – Valencia Campus

Hi! My name is Vanessa Luu, and I would like to run for the position of Social Student
Involvement Coordinator. Working with teams and ensuring the success of events are familiar
tasks to me. I have had plenty of experience with coordinating and organizing events as I am
currently the President of the COC Red Cross Club. After establishing the club in my first year at
COC, I realized that there are countless opportunities for students to get involved and be social,
but many people need a small push to get there. I have a great understanding of the dedication
required in planning events and creating environments for students to get involved. I hope to
reach students with events planned as the social student involvement coordinator, along with
keep myself involved as well. Thank you for your time, and I hope that you can consider me for
the position of Social Student Involvement Coordinator!