Clubs & Organizations

  1. Find a faculty advisor at COC who will be interested in supporting your club
  2. Find seven current COC students to serve as founding members
  3. Write a constitution using the Sample Constitution Guideline as an example
  4. Complete each of the following forms:
    • (a) Petition for Club Charter with seven names minimum, all of whom must be students of COC
    • (b) Chartering Form
  5. Submit all forms along with one copy of the constitution to the Office of Student Development for review
  6. Submit minutes from an official meeting of the founding members reflecting voting and adopting of the group's constitution and selection of interim officers
  7. Follow up on the status of the submitted forms
The Constitutional Review Committee will make a recommendation on the granting of a charter to the Inter Club Council and the Associated Student Government. The granting of College recognition shall be determined by the Office of Student Development. The Office of Student Development will notify the club of its status in writing.
The chartering process for clubs and organizations involves a procedure for recognition by three entities: (1) The Office of Student Development for official on-campus status which entitles the group to use the College name and most campus facilities; (2) The Associated Student Government to be eligible for ASG funding and services; and (3) The Inter Club Council (ICC). Organizations and clubs will be reviewed in terms of both their congruence with the educational mission of the campus and the level of risk involved for both the students and the campus.
Forms Available for Download:
College of the Canyons Clubs & Organization Chartering Form
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) Format / 22kb
College of the Canyons Petition for Club Charter
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) Format / 17kb
Sample Constitution Guide for Clubs & Organizations
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) Format / 33kb
How Long Will it Take for My Club to be Chartered
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) Format / 32kb
The documents that are available for download are in Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF format. To view or print these documents you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is completely free and can be downloaded from the following link: