I.C.C. Events and Activities

I.C.C. Meetings
I.C.C. meetings are focused on conducting Club related business and providing support for members of campus Clubs. If you have questions regarding this meeting please contact the Vice President of Inter Club Council at asg_vpicc@canyons.edu.
Much and Learn Workshop Series
This workshop series provides student leaders an appetizing array of opportunities to gain skills that will enhance not only their current but future leadership experiences. These workshops are short 45 to 50 minute, hands-on experiences designed give their participants tangible tools they can apply to their personal and professional experiences. For more information on dates and locations please contact Jess Love at jess.love@canyons.edu.

Welcome Week: ClubFest
Welcome Week is a series of events that takes place the second week of every semester (Fall/Spring). The first day of each Welcome Week is ClubFest. ClubFest is an opportunity for students to browse through the over 70 student Clubs we have our campus.

Club Advisor Recognition
This event is being updated for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Clubs & Organizations Awards Ceremony
This event is being updated for the 2017-2018 academic year.