What subjects and types of writing can I receive tutoring in?
You can receive tutoring for writing in ANY CLASS-RELATED SUBJECT during ALL operating hours on all campuses. During select hours, you can also receive concept-specific tutoring for French, Spanish, German, ASL, History, Sociology, Psychology, Paralegal, Political Science, and Philosophy.
English/Writing tutors are available to help students with writing assignments across the disciplines for any class that a student is CURRENTLY ENROLLED in at COC. Other types of writing such as personal letters, dissertations, assignments for other high schools or colleges, or resumes and college applications ARE NOT* handled in The Learning Center.
*For assistance with non class-related writing such as resumes or dissertations, please contact the Career Center.  For assistance with personal letters/applications, please contact the Transfer Center.
How does writing tutoring work?
English and writing tutors are available during all hours of operation at all TLC locations (Valencia Campus, Canyon Country Campus, and online campus for Distance Learning courses) to assist students with their needs. Students are required to provide tutors with an essay prompt or assignment requirements before a tutor can review the writing. Tutors are able to help students through every step of the writing process from understanding the prompt and brainstorming ideas to the completion of a writing assignment across disciplines. Tutoring is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are no appointments necessary. Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes or less, and students may return after revision for a second tutoring session.
 What kind of help can I expect?
 Students can expect individual help with writing problems— grammar, mechanics, and organization, brainstorming, or assistance with any stage of the writing process across disciplines.  Students can also receive assistance with formatting and citing references in MLA, AMA, Chicago, ASA, and APA, reading strategies, and help with online research and general study skills. 
Who does the tutoring?
Tutors are generally COC (or former COC) students who have excelled in a particular subject and have been recommended by faculty. These
tutors have also gone through extensive training, and several of them hold bachelor or master degrees in the subjects they tutor.
Tutors Will Not:  
-Give students their own email addresses
-Line edit a student paper
-Discuss or predict a grade on a paper 
-Proofread or “correct” a student’s paper
-Write student papers
-Read papers on laptops/notepads/electronic devices- all writing must be printed
-Read hand-written papers or journals
-Read papers for a student who is not physically present
                   -Stamp a paper when a tutoring session has not been completed  
 Click here to learn how to prepare for a writing tutoring session!
Who should I contact if I have additional questions about services?
For questions related to tutoring in this area, contact