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Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

The Learning Center (TLC) offers students individual assistance for math classes. Math tutors are present during all operating hours at both the Canyon Country and Valencia Campuses. Tutors are able to help students through every aspect of their College of the Canyons math classes from homework to understanding concepts and processes. Tutoring is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are no appointments necessary. You may come to the TLC to ask math tutors for help on as few or as many of your homework problems as you want and stay as long as you want (close us down if you would like). Although tutors are required to move from one student to another in order to meet the needs of the many COC math students who come to the TLC for math help, each student will be helped throughout the student’s entire stay. Students may return as often as they like. We are an excellent and productive between class stop. We have textbooks and solutions manuals available for many of the classes and are available in limited supply for use by any COC math student while in the TLC. Statistics tutoring is available at both campuses during all open hours.

What Can You Expect?

Individual help with math skills: As long as you are enrolled in a math class at College of the Canyons, TLC math tutors will help you with homework and understanding processes and concepts. Help with computer programs used in Statistics and other math classes is also available as well as assistance with many math tasks from basic skills through the skills required for success in advanced math courses. For Basic Skills level math courses, TLC math tutors are trained to be patient, kind, and to listen. Tutors understand that every level of math can present challenges to students. We love to see that “Aha moment.” For more advanced levels, many TLC math tutors have already taken the most advanced math courses COC offers, and some tutors have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and all are here to help you succeed. TLC math tutors are aware of the demands and challenges college students face, and are friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. These competent, compatible tutors are here to help you navigate through concepts and homework.

M-CAL (Math- Computer Assisted Learning)

Math 026 is a computer-assisted alternative to Math 025, basic arithmetic, reviewing fundamental arithmetic and introducing algebra. Math 059 is an introduction to the basic elements of algebra for those who need a preparatory course before enrolling in elementary algebra and is also a computer-assisted alternative to the math 058 lecture course. TLC assist the M-Cal program by providing in-class tutors for all of the M-Cal math classes and M-Cal tutors on the main math tutoring floor who are familiar with the M-Cal program. TLC offers M-Cal tutoring during all open hours.
For additional M-Cal information, please contact Mary Brunty at 661-362-3345 or

Online Math Tutoring

Math tutoring is available online through Canvas and WebEx for the course sections which have been referred to TLC by math faculty. Online tutoring hours are limited and can be found through the Canvas website for students in referred sections.  Then click on the "Math Tutoring" course.

You can view video tutorials to learn how to use Canvas through the Distance Learning website. Need additional help with Canvas? Email for Canvas support at or call 661-362-3344 also during TLC operating hours.

Science Tutoring

TLC offers ample tutoring in Microbiology, Biology, Business Math/Accounting, Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry, during specific hours. Please check the Tutor Schedule. Would you like to take the Ick out of Physics or the mystery out of Chemistry? Come to  TLC and we’ll do our best to help you put the “I” back Science.


*Bring your student ID to access TLC's variety of math, science, and engineering textbooks for use while working in TLC.*