What are GLAs?

Guided Learning Activities (GLAs) are self-paced computer tutorials covering a variety of topics in English, Math, and study skills. Students follow a lecture on the computer and complete worksheets related to their topic.

Tutors are available to assist students at any point during the GLA. Upon completion of the activity, tutors will review the student’s work with them, stamp their worksheets, and answer any questions they may have.

GLAs are available weeks 2 through 15 during Fall and Spring semesters and every week during summer and winter intersessions.

Important Information

• A COC Student ID card is required to sign in to TLC
• Ask to sign in for a GLA at the Reception desk.
• Students may only complete TWO GLAs per day
• GLAs and workshops MUST be completed on campus in TLC
• Keep ALL stamped handouts and paperwork for additional proof of attendance.
• If completing a GLA for multiple classes, notify the GLA Clerk as you sign in.
• Instructors will receive attendance reports in their mailboxes each Monday