About Teaching and Learning

For quick reference we have linked each of these topics to one or more helpful sites.  The teaching compendiums referenced below contain additional information on selected teaching topics.  Our “Resource Treasure Chest” link will also link you to additional sites with useful teaching information.
Guide to Classroom Observation
Motivating Students
  • Plagiarism.org   This site is designed to provide the latest information on online plagiarism and explain how the commercial site below, Turnitin.com, is now being used by educators all over the world to fight plagiarism and help bring academic integrity back into our schools.
  • Turnitin.com   A commercial site that charges to assess student work for plagiarism.
Questioning Techniques
Teaching Compendiums 
These web sites each contain a compendium of teaching information.  You may find that browsing the site is interesting because unexpected treasures rise to the surface as you explore.  However, if you have a particular question or issue in mind, the compendiums have site maps and search mechanisms that facilitate the quick location of any topic.