Faculty/Teaching Templates

Many teaching activities are repetitive. Constructing a syllabus, for example, is an activity that occurs repeatedly within a teaching career and repeatedly within the life of an institution as new faculty members arrive. Templates Provide a starting point for those respective activities. It's the classic notion of, "Why reinvent the wheel?"
It's also an opportunity to share with each other. If you have created a form for a common teaching activity, please let us know and we'll place it on on the site. Consequently, this site will always be a work in progress. We're starting with just a few basic forms.
These templates are only beginning points. You'll have to add and delete to mold them to your purposes. If the file is in Word, you can manipulate the text to suit your purposes.  Be aware that not only the text but the text boxes can be deleted (or new boxes added) using the commands in the Word Toolbar. Files that are in Adobe Acrobat may be unchangeable; you will have to copy the text into a word document and recreate the text boxes.  If you have any difficulty, the Tech Center will be glad to help you out.