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College of the Canyons is excited to release the new MAP - My Academic Plan - to students.  This is an interactive online student education plan tool that will show you the classes you need to take to meet your educational goal. The Plan also provides a timeline for your classes, a weekly format to show your class options, and a progress page to show how close you are to completion.

Below are a few tools to help you get started:

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To access your MAP, you will need to log into your My Canyons account and click on "Online Ed Plan".

As you go to build your Student Education Plan, here are some key things to remember:

  • You will want to verify your academic program in My Canyons. To do this, you will click on Add or End a program once logged into your account.
  • Be sure to add your math and English courses first. Start with what courses you placed into and build the sequence until you reach what is needed for your major or for transfer.
  • If you plan on transferring, be sure to include your major preparation coursework from
  • If you are transferring to a CSU or UC, follow an AA-T or AS-T if available in your program, otherwise, be sure to check
  • Lastly, be sure to book an appointment to see a counselor once you have built your education plan. They will check your plan over with you to ensure you are on the right track to meeting your academic goal.


Important Information

SPECIAL POPULATION NOTICE (Veteran & Financial Aid Students):

If you are a Veteran student or on Financial Aid, you will still need to make an appointment with those respective counselors to complete your education plan for eligibility and certification.

Honors Students

Honors students are encouraged to speak with a counselor once your MAP is completed. Remember to add your major preparation courses from to your plan.  





 What is a comprehensive educational plan?

A comprehensive educational plan is a plan that includes classes you plan to take for two or more semesters. These classes should reflect those you need to reach your academic goal.
Why do students who have completed 15 degree applicable units have to complete a comprehensive educational plan?
This is a state mandated requirement outlined in recent legislation:  the Student Success Act of 2012 (Senate Bill 1456).
How do I access MAP?
Access “My Canyons.” Go to the “Academic Planning” menu and choose “Online Ed Plan.”
What do I do if I need help using My Academic Plan?
You have a few options:
- You can access the tool from home through your My Canyons.
(Within the Online Ed Plan, click on the Help.)
- You can visit the Counseling Departments at the Valencia or Canyon Country campuses.
- Contact the Counseling Departments at the Valencia or Canyon Country campuses at (661)362-3288 or (661)362-3811.
- You can visit the Welcome Center for hands on assistance.
- You can call Student Outreach at (661) 362-5891 for answers to your questions.
- Contact Ask Canyons for answers to your questions.
- You can make an appointment with a counselor.
What do I do if I have multiple majors?
Before building your online education plan, verify your academic program. Students typically should only have one active major at a time. To verify, access your “My Canyons”. Go to the “Academic Planning” menu and choose “Add or End a Program”. Here you will see what academic program(s) you have active. You should END programs that are no longer active. This will help the online education plan to accurately reflect your current program and provide you with the correct classes needed to complete your goal.
You will be able to plan all the classes you need for each major using the online education plan.
What do I do if I already have classes planned for the upcoming terms?
You can enter those classes into the online educational plan. You can access the plan in “My Canyons.”
I am not sure how to build my educational plan because I am currently undecided. 
If you are undecided and know you want to transfer to a four-year university, you may consider building your plan towards the IGETC or CSU GE certificate.  This will allow you to work towards your transfer General Education courses.  A few tools that are availabe to you to help you explore your options are: attending an Undecided Major Orientation workshop available through the Job & Career Center or consider enrolling in a Counseling 110 - Career & Life Planning course. 
Do I need to complete a MAP if I'm graduating in spring 2017?
Yes, if you are planning to graduate in spring 2017, you should still create an online education plan. Input any classes you plan to take for fall 2016, winter 2017, and spring 2017 into the online education plan. Ensure that at least two semesters are planned in the online education plan. This will allow you to meet the comprehensive educational plan requirement.
I am not planning to earn a certificate or degree at COC and am taking classes for my own leisure.  Do I need to create an educational plan?
Yes. Consider exploring the different programs offered at COC and build an educational plan around the classes you’d like to explore. Remember, you can always change your goal and modify your plan.  You are welcome to schedule an appointment with a counselor to explore your options.
I am planning to transfer and COC does not offer a degree program in my transfer major.
Consider working towards the AA in Liberal Arts & Science with one of the following concentrations based on your transfer major:
- Social Science
- Arts & Humanities
- Math & Science

What if I recieve an error message when using My Academic Plan?

If you receive an error message, please contact Admissions and Records (661-362-3280) for assistance.