​Credit By Exam

Credit by Examination may be granted for proficiency previously accomplished by something other than an accredited institution; for study; travel; or other experiences in College of the Canyons approved courses. Units and grade points earned shall be counted toward the Associate degree. Units earned by Credit by Examination are not considered as part of the student's official program and is not used in verifying unit enrollment for enrollment verifications.
Students interested in challenging a course by examination must meet the following conditions:


Students wishing to receive credit by examination must be in good academic standing at College of the Canyons and be currently enrolled at minimum, as a half time student.


Petitions for credit by examination in approved courses must be submitted no later than fifty percent of the term. Grades for courses taken through credit by examination are due in the Admissions and Records Office by the last day of finals for the semester or term.


Courses taken through credit by examination are subject to A – F grading. Exceptions are given for courses that are offered for Pass/No Pass grading only. Incompletes, withdrawals, or no-pass grades are not allowed.


Unit credit may not be granted after credit has been earned for a more advanced College of the Canyons course. Additionally, unit credit may not be granted for pre-requisites once the more advanced course has been completed.


A second examination may not be attempted for the same course, but the course may be taken for credit following regular enrollment requirements.


The student must be eligible to take the particular course for credit in terms of any prerequisites and other enrollment requirements.


A maximum of 18 units may be awarded through credit by examination.


Students will be charged the current enrollment fee at the time of exam plus an additional $9.00 per unit to cover the cost of creating and administering the examination by faculty. Students will be charged these fees prior to the time the examination is attempted.


Credit by exam fees must be paid prior to taking the exam. Fees are non-refundable.

The Petition for Credit by Examination is available on the forms page.
For more information, see Board Policy 5905.