How can I qualify for the CalWORKs Pro​gram at College of the Canyons?

  In order to join to CalWORKs Program at College of the Canyons, you must be referred to us from your local Welfare-to-Work county agency      (GAIN). To qualify for the benefits of the GAIN Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current recipient of TANF
  • Have a child under the age of 18
  • Have or be in the process of developing a Welfare-to-Work plan with your local DPSS Agency that refers you to college for education/training
  • Be enrolled in at least one class at COC which meets your GAIN goal
  • Be in good standing with CalWORKs
  • If applicable, be approved by the county to receive Post Employment or Post-Time Limited Services

How to join CalWORKs

   To take advantage of the benefits offered through the CalWORKs Program at College of the Canyons, you must be referred to us from your
   local Welfare-to-Work county agency. Your Gain Service Worker (GSW) will provide you with a Training Verfication to be completed at your
   scheduled intake appointment. To schedule this appointment at the COC CalWORKs Program call (661) 362-3271. 

What Do I Bring to My Intake Appointment?

The first appointment in the CalWORKs Program is very important. You must bring to the office any current documentation that can help us determine what services you are eligible for. You must bring:
  • A GN6006/1 and GN6013 and GN6014 for Vocational Training, Job Skills Training, or Remedial Education componants.
  • A GN6005 for Self Initiated Program component.
  • A current Verification of Benefits which shows us that you are active with TANF. You can print out this document through the CalWORKs YourBenefitsNow portal. To create an account or login to an existing account go to​. If your CalWORKs case is flagged as receiving Specialized Supportive Services you may not be able to generate the VOB. You will have to go into your assigned DPSS office and have one printed.

Prior to coming in for your intake appointment complete the Intake Information Form and Language Designation Form which can be found in the Forms page.

Intake Forms Help us to:

  • To stay current with addresses, telephone numbers and other pertinent data.
  • To determine whether or not the student is receiving GAIN supportive services. This information enables us to know the types of services students will require from the CalWORKS office at COC.
  • To determine how many units the student is taking.
  • To determine whether or not the student is enrolled in a vocational program.
  • To determine the student's class, lab and work schedules.
  • To determine student's needs for transportation, childcare, textbooks, school supplies and other ancillary services.
  • To determine the student's possible barriers that might be in the way of academic success and personal goals.
  • To schedule an educational plan or educational plan update at the beginning of the student’s time in the program and thereby enable more informed achievement of educational goals.
  • To determine previous college coursework from an accredited institution.