What is CalWORKs Work Study?

CalWORKs Work Study provides work opportunities for the CalWORKs program. It can help to meet GAIN Welfare-to-Work requirements while pursuing an educational. It also helps to provide students with work experience which will make them more marketable after completing their educational program. In addition to these benefits, it also provides an additional source of income which does not affect cash aid benefits already being received.

​  Qualifications to be a part of the CWWS program:

·         Must be in the CalWORKs program and receiving cash aid.

·         Must have completed 12 College of the Canyons units.

·         Must have completed Educational Plan.

·         Must be enrolled in 6 units for fall and spring semesters and one class during winter and summer sessions.

·         Must maintain a cumulative College of the Canyons GPA of 2.0 or better and for each semester while participating in the work study program.

* Work Study placements contingent upon funding.

​          Work Study Manual.pdfWork Study Manual.pdf