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​Sociology 101 - Intro to Sociology

Examines small group interactions and cultural patterns of American and other societies using the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological principles and applications to explain how values, roles, norms, social interaction, and soc​ial inequality as well as other concepts influence individuals, groups and society. (College of the Canyons Course Catalogue 2016)

​Sociology 103 - Intimate Relationships and Families

Examines the various forms of intimate partner relationships that exist within a diverse, multicultural society. Social, cultural, and political constructs that apply to the definition, status and legality of human partnerships are analyzed. ​(College of the Canyons Course Catalogue 2016)
​Sociology 102 - Principles of Sociology Inquiry
Introduces empirical scientific methods used in contemporary sociological research with focus on ethics, theory, hypotheses, variables, quantitative and qualitative research design (e.g., observational, experimental, case study, and comparative historical), data collection, and data analysis using SPSS.
​Sociology 200 - Womens Studies
Provides an overview of the academic field of women’s studies, including the social and cultural consequences of living in a "gendered world." Socialization, communication, politics, crime, sexuality, and religion are examined, as well as the historical and cross-cultural aspects of gender relationships. Additional reading, writing, and research techniques are required.
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