Information for Faculty


Do I need a library card to check out materials from the College Library?
No. Your College ID number, name, and contact information are kept in the Library's computerized database. When you want to check something out, just give us your name and remind us that you're a faculty member.

How do I put something on reserve for my students?
Once a year the Circulation Department will send you a memo asking whether you would like to keep any current reserve materials at the reserve desk and whether you'd like to add new materials. You can bring new reserve materials to the Library any time during the semester. Please allow 24 hours for processing.


If you have questions about print reserves or questions about putting audiovisual materials on reserve, talk to Velia Jimenez, LMT I, Public Services, at ext. 3359. 


NOTE: The Library does not automatically receive a copy of every current textbook (you can order an extra desk copy for reserve through the Instruction Office).

How can I suggest materials for purchase by the Library?
We are always happy to accept requests from faculty for new books, DVDs, etc. When possible, send a catalog to Peter Hepburn, Head Librarian. You can mark your choices in the catalog and we will return it to you if you'd like. You can also send us a copy of a Web page, a memo, a phone request, etc. The more information you can give us about the items you need, the easier it is to complete the ordering process. We will let you know, when you send us the request, if we will be able to purchase immediately, or if we will need to wait until the next budget cycle.

Can I arrange for my classes to tour the Library?
Yes. Call Ron Karlin at ext. 3358 or Peter Hepburn at ext. 3758 to set up a Library tour and/or demonstration of our online databases.

Can my students and I use computers in the Library to do Internet research?
Yes. Most of our public-access computers have access to the Internet and Microsoft Office Suite for student, staff, and faculty use. Wireless access is also available throughout the library. Pay printing is available for 10 cents/page.

Can I access Library resources from my home or office computer?
Yes. Go to the Library’s home page. You will find links to our online catalog and online databases.. You can access all the subscription databases from any networked computer on campus. Databases with double asterisks (**) may be accessed from off campus. Every semester, Ron Karlin emails all full-time and adjunct faculty the updated login information. Please share with your students in class and on your syllabus.


NOTE: Current information about Library hours and holiday closures is always on the Library’s Web page.