Student OER FAQ
Here are some frequently asked questions about OERs at College of the Canyons.
What is an OER?
 OER stands for Open Educational Resource, and it is a learning material (textbook, video, presentation, etc.) created under creative commons, and released to the public for free use.

Why should I take an OER class?
OER classes mean you don’t have to pay extra for the materials in the class (like a textbook), so they are cheaper. There are lots of other benefits to OER you can read about on the Why OER page. 

How will OERs change my education?
OERs in general will make your education more affordable and personalized to each OER class you take. With each teacher engineering their own materials, and it being provided for you digitally for free, there really are a lot of benefits to OERs.

What are the setbacks of OER?
 The main setbacks of OERs is that there may not be a companion site for your materials, the material will be as good as the professor makes it, and you will most likely need access to a computer for these classes. Always remember though that you will be able to print out your materials for free with your 15 page a day limit at the ASG computer lab.

How do I get into an OER class?
The best way to find out if a class is OER right now is to contact the teacher. At the moment there is no other way besides just registering for that specific class through the registration system.

What classes are OER?
Check our COC OER List. 

Can I request an OER?
There is no official way to request an OER for a certain class, but the best way would be to email a department chair or the professor that teachers that class. If you have any questions or comments on this, you can email
Are OERs only digital?
No, OERs can sometimes be sold in the bookstore upon request, or you could print it out. The Library is also making an effort to have copies of all the COC OERs in stock. Don’t forget the ASG computer lab has 15 pages of free black and white printing a day.

Can I talk to someone about OER?
Of course! Y​​ou can visit our contact page and send us an email. We would be happy to help


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