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What is OER? 

OER is material created under a Creative Commons (a public copyright license) that gives people the ability to share, use, and build upon a work that been has created. College of the Canyon's faculty has adopted and created OER to provide high-quality educational material to you at no cost online and low-cost print options.

How do I find OER classes? 

  1. Visit the class schedule
  2. Select OER for sections filter and any other desired search options 
  3. Register for the course​

Where is my online OER book?

Due to the custom nature of OER and multiple ways to integrate content into the course, your OER textbook may be sent as a PDF, available on a website, or embedded into the course. Check with the instructor of the course for more information.

What if I want a print version?

  • Order a low-cost print copy at our campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  • Check for print reserve copies at the Library
  • Print up to 15 pages black and white pages and 5 color pages (per day) for free at the
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