Why OER?
Not sure why you would use and choose OER for your class options? Here are a few points on how OER helps students. 
No Extra Class Costs
  • ​With open educational resources, the instructors help to choose and create the materials off of open sourced material, meaning it isn’t copyrighted. When materials are not copyrighted and they are listed under creative commons, the material is free to distribute, meaning you don’t have to pay extra money to obtain a digital copy of the material, or you will have to pay a fraction of the cost for a print material. With some classes’ textbooks costing as much as $300, that’s a huge difference! That means by the end of your College of the Canyons experience, you could save 100s of dollars by going OER.
More Personalized Materials
  • With Open Educational Resources, professors will better be able to personalize material meaning you won’t have to worry about not using the material or using only a small fraction of the material that you played for. Plus the material will have to opportunity to be annotated, which could help many students with studying and understanding the material.
By Supporting OER, More Classes Will Develop OERs, Making Your Education Cheaper
  • Once again, school can get expensive, so any money that can be saved, should be saved! Right now College of the Canyons is working on a whole associates degree with all OER materials, meaning there would be no extra costs besides the unit cost.
Allows Professors to Make Immediate Changes and Allows Feedback
  • Since the professor helps to create and assemble the materials in OER classes, they also have the ability to fix and edit them when mistakes are found or when something may not be clear. This also means their books may be more up to date then published books because of how fast they can edit and distribute material.
By Supporting Open Educational Resources, you are helping to raise the standard
  • Open Educational Resources are still fairly new to the public educational system, so by supporting them you are raising the standard and helping to create more. Plus, have you ever wanted to learn a little bit about a topic or a class, but don’t have time to take it? When OERs are created, they have to be posted for the public, so that also means that you could learn all about a class without taking it.
Less Trips to the Bookstore and No Stress Over Getting Textbook
  • This is a huge deal if you’re an online student, if you have a tight schedule, or you don’t like waiting in lines. Or even if you ordered a paperback textbook online that has no real timeline on when it will be delivered. With OER classes, it is common that your professor will give you your new textbook the first day of class, so you don’t have to worry about buying it in time or not being able to study for the first quiz or test because you didn’t have the material.
 Digital OERs Can Go With You Anywhere, And With No Extra Cost
  • Many published textbooks cost extra to get the digital version, and with OERs, you will have it for free as provided by the professor. Plus if you’re taking an online class, you don’t have to go out of the way to get our materials, or pray that your materials make it home in time.
You Can Print Your OERs For Free At College Of The Canyons
  • With your semester student fees that come with signing up as a student at College of the Canyons, the student ASG Computer Lab allows you 15 pages of black and white printing for free (COC ASG Computer Lab). This means you could have your whole material printed within a few visits for free if you prefer paper materials over digital. 

OERs Are Free For You To Learn Just About Anything

  •  After an OER is created, it can stay alive for a lifetime (not considering time sensitive material or updates). What does this mean for you? It means any topic you are interested in learning about is available to you for free through OERs on the web. Science, History, Cooking, Medical Terms, How to Start a Business, How to Make a Website; you name it and most likely there is a source out there that exists. Maybe you can finally learn how to improve that one pizza recipe.
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