Canyons Advantage Program - Bringing the admissions process to the high schools!

This spring, from February - April, the COC Student Services Team will be holding

Application Workshops
Assessment Testing
Academic Advisement Workshops

at participating William S. Hart Union School District High Schools.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity - space is limited at each high school!

It's easy to participate, FIRST

​Attend an Application Workshop at your high school.  
The COC team will:
  • Review the required NEW STUDENT STEPS and how to earn an early registration date for fall.
  • Provide information on the FIRST-YEAR PROMISE PROGRAM and application timeline.
  • ​Assist students with completing and submitting a summer/fall application.  (Note - All students need to complete an application for summer/fall even if you have taken COC courses before.)

High School​ ​​​​Bowman ​Canyon ​Golden Valley ​Hart ​Saugus ​Valencia ​West Ranch
Date​ ​February 23 ​TBD ​February 27 ​February 27 ​February 22 ​February 20 ​TBD
Location​ ​Room 1 ​A Lecture Hall ​Library ​Library ​S Lecture Hall ​Library ​TBD
Time​ ​Period 3 & 4 ​Period 6 ​Period 6 ​Period 6 ​Period 6 ​Period 6 ​Period 6/7
Registration is NOT required for the applica​t​ion workshop - just show up!

Missed the workshop?  APPLY ONLINE NOW! 

Next, REGISTER for the

Assessment Test at your high school.  
  • Complete the English/ESL and/or Math assessment test.  
  • A photo ID is required​ to take the test.
  • Allow yourself 1 1/2 hours to complete the test.
  • Study guides and more information on the assessment process can be found on the Assessment Center homepage
  • Think you may be exempt because you've taken AP Exams in English and/or Math or took the CAASPP and placed Standard Exceeded or Standard Met? Review the Assessment Exemptions​ to learn more.  

High School Bowman​ ​Canyon ​Golden Valley ​Hart ​Saugus ​Valencia ​West Ranch
​Date 1 ​March 29 ​TBD ​March 26 ​March 13 ​March 6 ​March 13 ​TBD
​Date 2 ​TBD ​March 27 ​March 15 ​March 7 ​March 14 ​TBD
​Date 3 ​TBD ​March 28 ​March 19 ​March 8 ​March 15 ​TBD
Location​ ​COC Campus ​Library ​200 CORE ​Library ​Library ​Library ​TBD
Time​ ​Fieldtrip ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 ​After school,
Starts at 3:10pm
​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6/7

To register, select a date listed under your high school and complete the form.  
(Students can register beginning February 20)

Then, REGISTER for an

Academic Advisement Workshop at your high school.
  • Explore program options, define your educational goals and create a one-semester educational plan for the upcoming summer and/or fall.  
  • This workshop will take  approximately 2 hours to complete, please plan to attend the entire workshop to receive credit.

High School Bowman​ ​Canyon ​Golden Valley ​Hart ​Saugus ​Valencia ​West Ranch
Date​ March 29​ TBD ​April 19 ​April 23 ​April 17 ​April 12 ​TBD
Location​ ​COC Campus ​A Lecture Hall ​Library ​Library  ​S Lecture Hall ​Library ​TBD
Time ​Fieldtrip​ ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 ​Period 6 & 7 Period 6/7

  To register, select the date listed under your high school and complete the form.
(Students can register beginning February 20) 

Please note, students planning to participate in the COC DSPS Fieldtrip in March are recommended not to participate in this program.  Students will begin the admissions process during the fieldtrip.

Students have many options when it comes to completing the New Student Steps.  They may choose to complete all the steps through the Canyons Advantage Program, complete the steps at their leisure by visiting one of our campuses, or a combination of the two.  Students can attend one or all of the Canyons Advantage Program workshops offered at their high school.  

Have questions?  Need help?
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(661) 362-5891