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Full Time Faculty Directory

School of Mathematics, Sciences, and Health Professionals

Mr. Steve Ruys
Interim School Dean
East PE, Office 129
Office: 661.362.3545

Dr. Erica Seubert
Biology Associate Professor
Office: BYKH 217
Phone: 661.362.3690

Kelly Burke
Biology Professor
Lead Faculty Microbiology and Online Biology
Office: ALLB 207
Phone: 661.362.5313

Jeannie Chari
Biology Associate Professor
Lead Faculty Organismal & Environmental Biology
Office: MEHN 308
Phone: 661.362.3383

Dilek Sanver-Wang
Biology Associate Professor
Lead Faculty General Biology/Botany/Zoology/Marine Biology
Office: CCC 600
Phone: 661.362.3833


Dr. Miriam Golbert
Department Chair
Aliso Building Office 211
Office: 661.362.5927

Jim Wolf
Biology Professor
Lead Faculty of Outreach
Office: ALLB 209
Phone: 661.362.3092

Dr. Kelly Cude
Biology Associate Professor
Lead Faculty Molecular & Cellular Biology
Office: BOHN 319
Phone: 661.362.5801

Ricardo Rosales
Biology Associate Professor
Lead Faculty Anatomy and Physiology
Office: SECO 305C
Phone: 661.362.3589

Anna Jane (AJ) Almeda
Biology Associate Professor
Office: SCOH 308
Phone: 661.362.3306