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Audit Classes

The governing board of the Santa Clarita Community College District has authorized the auditing of credit classes at College of the Canyons pursuant to Ed Code 76370. Course auditing is permitted as a service to students who have completed designated credit courses for the maximum number of allowed repeats. The purpose of auditing is to allow students to continue study after course repeatability has been exhausted. Classes taken by audit follow the same deadline dates as classes taken for credit.

The following list of courses has been approved for auditing:

KPEI-153, 245A, 245B, 250A, 250B, 255A, 255B, 260A, 260B, 265, 270A, 270B, 275A, 275B, 280A, 280B, 285A, 285B, 290A, 290B, 295A, 295B

MUSIC-153, 160, 161, 165, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 185, 186

PHOTO-092L, 093L, 094L, 095L

THEATR-120, 161, 180A, 184A, 186A, 190

Classes taken by audit follow the same deadline dates as classes taken for credit.


  1. Students wishing to audit classes must receive the approval of the instructor of the course.
  2. Students wishing to audit a course must be in at least grades 11-12. Those students in grades K-10 are not eligible to audit classes. The exception to this regulation, are the music classes eligible for audit listed in the college catalog.
  3. No student auditing a course shall be permitted to change enrollment in that course to receive credit for the course.
  4. Students auditing a course are not subject to attendance, test, or grade requirements. Attendance of students auditing a course is not included in computing the apportionment accounting procedures.
  5. A fee of $15 per unit will be charged for auditing a class. Students enrolled in classes to receive credit for 10 or more units shall not be charged a fee to audit 3 or fewer semester units. Audit fees are paid through the Community Education Office.
  6. Once enrolled, students must present their class instructor with a copy of the audit receipt obtained in the Community Education Office.



Audit Form


Fill out and email a completed form to Community Education,