Q. Is there an age requirement for the Health Science 151 - EMT class?

A. Due to contractual requirements of our clinical site partners, all students must be at least 18 years old by the first day the class meets. There are no exceptions to this requirement.
Q. Why should I take Health Science 046 prior to taking Health Science 151 (EMT)?

A. Yes! Health Science 046 is the stepping stone to EMT. It is a three unit course and provides the student with entry-level knowledge of the Emergency Medical System, skills and EMS level anatomy and physiology. If you unsure if you should take Health Science 046 before enrolling in the EMT class, please seek counseling advisement and/or email the EMT Program Director, Patti.Haley@canyons.edu.
Q. If I completed the ROP Emergency Medical Responder course, should I take Health Science 046?

A. If you successfully completed the ROP Emergency Medical Responder course, then you are ready to enroll in Health Science 151.
Q. May a student take only the lecture portion of the course and receive a grade?

A. No - students enrolled in Health Science 151 must complete all the requirements, including skills and clinical assignments.

Q. I completed a background check for my current employer. Do I need to complete another background check for the EMT Program?

A. Yes, all students must complete a background check through Corporate Screening.

2015 Bob Hope Airport Drill

2016 Hazmat Drill Henry Mayo

Q. I have completed a background check for another COC Health Professions or Health Sciences Program. Do I need to repeat my background check?

A. If the background check is less than 6 months old, students must authorize the COC School of  Health Professions, Health Science and Public Safety office to email a copy of the background to the EMT Program Director.
Q. May the EMT course be repeated?

A. The course may be repeated for mandated training (i.e. has allowed EMT certification to expire, did not obtain certification within two years of the date on the completion certificate, or unable to certify through National Registry). A Request for Course Repetition must be submitted to the admissions office. Program contact: Patti Haley, EMT Program Director, patti.haley@canyons.edu
Q. Do you offer skills testing?

A.  We do not test skills on an indivual basis, only as part of the EMT class or the EMT Refresher class.

Effective JULY 1, 2017 the skills required for California recertification have changed. They now include: Trauma assessment, Medical Assessment, Bag-Mask-Valve Ventilation, Oxygen Administration, Cardiac Arrest Management w/AED, Hemorrhage Control & Shock Management (wound packing), SMR long board, KED, Penetrating Chest Injury, Epinephrine, Naloxone (Narcan), Childbirth and Neonatal Resuscitation.

Please check L.A. County EMS Agency for approved skills testing providers.
Q. Do you offer LA County Scope of Practice?

A. Effective July 1, 2017, per Lucy Adams-Hickey, L.A. County EMS Agency - the L.A. County Scope of Practice 2011 has ceased to exist and is no longer required due to the revised EMT Regulations.