COC Global

Meeting Times/ Agenda: 

Spring 2020 meeting times: Tenetative on the First Tuesday of every month from 3:00PM- 4:00PM RM: TBD 

Mission Statement: 

To lead students to be successful in a globally interconnected world.

Vision Statement: 

The CI Committee envisions a future where all students, both domestic and international, will succeed in a world marked by interdependence, diversity, and rapid technological change, by supporting faculty in the development of a comprehensive educational experience that emphasizes global awareness, responsibility, participation, and leadership.

Philosophy Statement: 

The CI Committee fosters a climate characterized by civility, collegiality, and acceptance and aims to instill in our students’ honesty, integrity, social responsibility, and ethical behavior.




100,000 Strong in the Americas

"100,000 Strong in the Americas uses the principle of leveraged innovation with higher education institutions (HEIs) that demonstrate the greatest commitment and innovation toward increasing study abroad opportunities between the United States and countries in the Western Hemisphere. In applying for the Innovation Fund grants, HEIs will be asked to demonstrate how they will assert leadership in implementing the innovations proposed, how they will address on-campus barriers to student mobility, how they will maintain student engagement, and how they will commit to making concrete changes to expand access to study abroad as sending and/or hosting institutions.

The Department of State, NAFSA, and Partners of the Americas reserve the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted. Please refer to the requests for proposal (RFPs) below for a complete statement of goals and expected results of the competitions."



Lecture Abroad Opportunities

As the International Affairs office continues to expand our international recruitment efforts to different regions, we have also solidified partnerships with various universities and we are looking to send for 1-2 faculty COC Professors to Lecture abroad each academic year.
  • Dates for lecture – After last day of semester (total of 7 – 10 travel days)
  • Travel logistics - ISP will cover the roundtrip airfare and visa (if needed)
  • In-country costs are typically covered by partner schools.

Summer 2020 - Egypt

The Dean of Mass Communication Faculty, Ahram Canadian University is interested in hosting our faculty during summer 2020. The main fields of interests for hosting lecturer include international communication, media and gender.

Applications Due: Jan. 31, 2020 

To apply please send the following to

  • 3-4 Lecture topics, a paragraph for each. Topics should be related to the mail fields of interest from the host institution, international communication, media and/or gender studies.
  • Your CV

If you are interested and have more question feel free to contact