LIBRARY/MEDIA TECHNOLOGY 100 College Research Skills


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Student Learning Outcomes:

Develop skills that will facilitate college-level research

Select, evaluate and synthesize information found in print and electronic resources.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Use an online catalog to identify and retrieve appropriate books and other catalogued materials;
  • Use online periodical databases to identify and retrieve magazine, journal, and newspaper articles;
  • Use standard print and online reference works to find information in a variety of subjects;
  • Use the Internet to find Web sites appropriate to a given research assignment;
  • Understand the concept of a standard bibliography in a discipline area;
  • Evaluate information sources for their appropriateness to a given research assignment;
  • Construct a research hypothesis and thesis statement; and
  • Write and document an annotated bibliography in MLA style.


Students will engage in active learning assignments and will participate in discussion sessions each week. Assignments will be given regularly and will be graded/evaluated promptly. Students are expected to complete assignments by specified due dates. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Point values are as follows:

  • Annotated bibliography- 5 annotations, one of which must befrom abook or an academic journal article. Annotations are to be 200-300 words; the bibliography must also include an introduction of at least 250 words, worth ten points. The final draft is to be submitted no later than the last day of instruction -600 points possible
  • Quiz- 100 points possible.
  • Exercises 10 exercises, 30 points per exercise, 300 points possible. All exercises are to be submitted on the discussion boards and can vary in length from 100-300 words. IMPORTANT: all discussion board posts are assignments and are graded as such. Please see the rubric below to discussion board to get an idea of the manner in which your discussion board posts will be graded:

Discussion Board Rubric:

Formatting There is frequent use of poor spelling and grammar; it is clear that the student did not conduct a spell check before submitting the post. Some attantion is given to spelling and grammar, but the posts are inconsistent in quality. The student's posts are consistently well-written, with attention paid to grammar and spelling throughout.
Organization Comments are disorganized, "off the cuff", and unrelated to the forum topic Some evidence of organization, it is still unclear if the topic is understood by the student. All comments are well-organized and pertinent to the subject matter of the forum.
Grammar Frequent use of poor spelling and grammar; incomplete or fragmented sentences are used; informal instead of academic forms of address are applied. Use of passable grammar is somewhat consistent, but there are spelling errors Spell-check conducted; the proper use of grammar is maintained throughout the posts.

Week One
Topic: Introduction to the course and personal introductions. Forum One (on Canvas)
Quiz #1

Week Two
Choosing a research topic and creating an annotated bibliography

Week Three
Using COC Library to find book resources.

Week Four
Using COC library to find periodical resouces
Forum Four

Week Five Using the library to find specialized resources

Week Six
Using the internet to find scholarly resources
Forum five

Week Seven
Forum six
Understanding information literacy

Week Eight
Refining and defining your final annotated bibliography
Final draft of annotated bibliography due