Welcome to Personalized Accelerated LearningThe Personalized Accelerated Learning (PAL) Program provides the opportunity to complete classes at an accelerated pace, via PAL Cohorts. 

  •  A PAL Cohort consists of two, accelerated, 8 week classes that take place back-to-back in one 16 week semester, available in the fall & spring semesters.
  • Before you can register for a PAL cohort, you will need to complete a short online Orientation

PAL orientation

Fall 2019 PAL Cohorts:

Fall 2019 Cohorts - math 102 & math 104

Listed cohorts are subject to change

Why PAL? 
Students in the PAL Math cohorts were 25% more likely to enroll in and pass transfer level math than students in the standard format

What students say about their experience in PAL

Students response to question "What would you tell someone who's interested in taking PAL classes?"

Student response to question "How was PAL different than you thought it would be?"

Student responses to question "What's the greatest benefit of taking PAL classes?"


  • Please consult with a program advisor or counselor if you are unsure which PAL course to take based on your educational goals.    
  • If you're a Veteran, please check with Veteran's Affairs​ (Hasley Hall 207, Phone 661-362-3469) to see how PAL might affect your benefits!​​

Complete classes at an accelerated pace with PAL