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Canvas by instructure

Access Canvas at

  • Log into Canvas with your CanyonsID
    • Username: staff\lastname_first initial (e.g. staff\doe_j)
    • Password: <this is the same as your email password>
  • For help, visit CanyonsID Login for Staff

NEW: Canvas Course Template 

Want to make your course design easier? Check out the College of the Canyons Online Course Template! This resource course shell includes a variety of ready-to-use course components for you to choose from, including an orientation module, example home pages and content module, and several powerful supplemental resources—all of which leverage effective pedagogy and accessibility principles.

Learn More: Online Course Template


Some Essential Canvas Guides:

Key Tools and Functions within Canvas

If you are new to using Canvas, you may appreciate some orientation to key Canvas tools and functions. 

  • Assignments: Use for students to upload submissions, from informal reflections to formal written assignments and projects to be viewed and assessed by the instructor.
  • Announcements: Use to send a quick message to your class. 
  • Discussions: Create space for students to engage with eachother and discuss class content - can also be a graded activity. 
  • Files: Use to post post key course documents, like the syllabus, readings, assignment sheets, etc. - can also be hidden from student view. 
  • Modules: Use to an organize course content for ease of student access. 
  • Pages: Use to create a Home Page, or create content for students to read or access that is not already created in a separate website or in a Word Document or other kind of document. 


 Call Canvas Faculty Support 24/7 (833) 286-2864


Canvas Faculty Guides

Explore Canvas guides for College of the Canyons faculty.

Canvas Incident Reports

Learn if there were any outages that may have affected your students. 


Canvas Release Notes

Explore Canvas Release Notes to see the latest Canvas updates and features. 

CCC Canvas Community

Visit the California Canvas Community to share ideas on how to use Canvas and support students statewide. 

Need additional help with Canvas?

Call or chat with Instructure's Canvas Support team 24/7!