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Please visit COC's COVD-19 Information Website for the latest information and resources, 

Step 1: Getting Started

Things to consider when you have to move your class remote quickly. 

Step 2: Strategies

Suggested ways to accomplish key tasks and address common challenges

Step 3: Resources

Contact a Faculty Mentor in from your School who can provide advice and assistance as you move to remote instruction. 




Ideas for Shifting Your Class Temporarily Online

1: Run Your Class Live With Zoom


  • Using Canvas with Zoom makes it easier for students to locate the discussions.
  • See our ConferZoom webpage which walks you step-by-step through the process of integrating Zoom into your Canvas site
  • Use this Zoom Cheat Sheet to set up your first online class meeting. 

DON'T USE CANVAS? You can still use Zoom! 

  • Visit to sign up for a free instructor account
  • See our ConferZoom webpage for:
    • How to get Zoom account
    • Pedagogical recommendations for using Zoom
    • A few troubleshooting tips
    • Accessibility suggestions
  • Use this Zoom Cheat Sheet to set up your first online class meeting. 

#2: Pre-Record Your Lectures

If you are not comfortable presenting live, another good option is to pre-record any lecture material and upload it to a place (such as Canvas or Youtube) where your students can view it.  

Pedagogical Recommendations:

  • Test your microphone to make sure that you have good sound quality. Consider using a headset with an external microphone to capture better audio.
  • Remember to caption your videos before sharing with your students! If using a tool other than Zoom for recording your lecture, consider uploading your videos to YouTube to take advantage of their automatic (though not perfect) closed-captioning. Speak clearly and not too quickly to make the content as accurate as possible. 

#3: Skip the Video

You can teach remotely without using any video component. If you are not sure you have the right equipment and are uncomfortable with the tech setup, this might be a good option, at least for the short-term.

Pedagogical Recommendations

  • Annotate your sideshow with notes and share this with students using Canvas or email
  • Use an online discussion / chat tool for students for you and your students to interact. Use specific, structured questions, and let students know expectations for their responses. 
  • Share links to outside resources. Encourage students to watch videos, read articles, etc. 
  • Use Chat to have a live, text-based chat session with students.  

#4: Teach Your Class Remotely With Canvas

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