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Introducing the Canvas Course Template for College of the Canyons Instructors

Why Use a Template?

Creativity and innovation are wonderful when it comes to presenting and assessing your course content. When it comes to the navigation and structure of a course, not so much. ;-) Students benefit from (and, data shows, they prefer) consistency and familiarity—it's frustrating and time-consuming to have to figure out with each new course where things are and how it's set up. They don't have as much brain power to focus on your terrific content!

How to Use This Template:

This template is meant to provide you with a starting point for creating a comprehensive and consistent course structure. It intentionally incorporates best practices in online course design and accessibility formatting. Template includes:

  • An Orientation module that already includes everything College of the Canyons would like students to have available to them when starting a course. It will require very little editing—just things like adding your contact details or textbook title. 
  • An example of how to set up the Syllabus page in a way that makes it useable for students. (Many of them use the Course Summary feature to help with time management.)
  • An example Content Module that you can customize with your own content. 
  • A resource module (not intended for students) with examples, tips and "plug'n'play" ideas for your own course design. 


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Want to Make Your Course Design Easier? Use This!

Join us for an upcoming workshop where we will walk you through the why’s and how’s of an orientation module, example home pages and content module, and several powerful supplemental resources—all of which leverage effective pedagogy and accessibility principles. 

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