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Online Instructor Retreat 2022

Get renewed inspiration and excitement for teaching through sustainable online teaching methods! At this retreat, we will explore strategies based on trauma-informed pedagogy and ideas for communicating care to our students (while showing ourselves the same care).

Online Instructor Retreat 2022 Agenda

Presentation Recordings & Resources

From Blueprints to Bricks: What's New in Online Ed?

Hear from the Online Ed team about the essential building blocks of a distance learning course and some time-and-effort-saving tips to create a smoother, less labor-intensive teaching experience. Then, take a look at distance education trends at College of the Canyons, as well as resources for both students and faculty! 


Keynote Presentation: Sustainable & Flexible Teaching for Online Success 

With over two years of online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, how can we best meet students’ needs during this unprecedented time? How can we make online teaching sustainable for ourselves as faculty? In what ways can we incorporate flexibility while still being rigorous? Why is care so critical to online teaching? In this keynote and breakout rooms, we will explore building blocks for rubrics and syllabus language, examples of trauma-informed pedagogy, and strategies for communicating care to our students. You can do it! We can help!


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Online Instructor Retreat 2022


Thank you for joining us at the 2022 Online Instructor Retreat!

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