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Proctorio is a surveillance service software that works within Canvas, using a Chrome extension. Proctorio monitors students for "suspicious" behaviors, inspects students' surroundings, and records student IDs. This automated proctoring software lets instructors set the controls for each exam.

Use Proctorio in Canvas to: 

  • Record video of the student while they take an exam
  • Record audio of the student's surroundings
  • Actively take control of a student's computer to prevent the student from using their computer for anything other than taking your test
  • Detect and report student activity that you deem to be "suspicious"

Is Proctorio right for my class?

While considering whether or not to ask students to use Proctorio, please be aware of the concerns that students have expressed about the use of this product. See the many petitions by students around the world asking professors to stop using Proctorio. The following recent news articles provide an additional perspective for you to consider: 

If you decide to ask students to use Proctorio, we encourage you to:

  1. Inform students prior to registration what software and hardware they will need. You can do this via your Orientation Letter
  2. Install the software on your personal computer in your personal space to understand the user experience
  3. Know how you will accommodate students with neuromuscular conditions or disabilities that prompt them to move their bodies in ways that don't conform to the parameters of this product
  4. Know how you will protect the privacy of non-students who are captured in the recording of the proctoring session (e.g. young children who cannot be left unattended by their parent)
  5. Know how you will accommodate students who cannot afford a device with a web cam or microphone
  6. Know how the settings you choose align with the California Privacy Rights Act.

Setting up Proctorio in Canvas

  1. Enable "Secure Exam Proctor" in your courses' navigation menu (under Settings)
  2. Enable Proctorio in your quiz
  3. Provide information for students on what to expect, how to prepare for, and where to get help, when taking a Proctorio proctored quiz
  4. Consider including a low-stakes practice Proctorio quiz so students can become familiar with the software and testing environment (see below 'Student Proctorio Information & Support). 

Student Proctorio Information & Support

Faculty Proctorio Guides:

What other tools can I use to help ensure assessment integrity? 

Please see below articles for best practices, strategies and ideas for creating authentic assessments without the use of proctoring software: