Read below for information on 'Online' & 'Distance Learning' class formats, and for tips, tools, and online-readiness resources to help get you off to a great start!

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Understanding the difference between 'Online' & 'Distance Learning' classes:

In the online schedule of classes for Fall 2020, students will see two different classes: one is identified as “DISTANCE LEARNING” and one is identified as an “ONLINE CLASS.”  These are two different methods for teaching and learning when students and instructors are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. In both cases, instructors will initiate regular and effective contact with students. 

What to expect in 'Online' & 'Distance Learning' classes:

  Online Class Distance Learning Class
What tools will be used in the class?


Faculty and students are required to use Canvas Faculty and students may use Canvas and/or other tools such as Zoom, Google Hangout, etc
How will my class be conducted? All class work is conducted “asynchronouslywithout a requirement for synchronous (in real-time) meetings. A synchronous meeting is when the students and faculty connect online at the same time and day, such as in a zoom meeting or live chat Some class work may require synchronous meetings where faculty and students connect online at the same time and day such as in a zoom meeting or live chat
What can I expect of my instructor? Instructor will initiate regular and effective contact with students Instructor will initiate regular and effective contact with students
How was this class intended to be offered? Class was intended to be online Class was intended to be face to face but transitioned to Distance Education due to COVID-19

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Online-readiness resources to help get you succeed!

Summer Orientation Letters

For all FALL 2020 courses, it is very important that you read the instructor’s ORIENTATION LETTER for each class you register for, in order to be aware of the type of class you're in. Read your Instructor's orientation letter for information about their class, such as their required textbooks(s), instructional materials, important dates, proctored exams, or other course requirements.

Get to know Canvas

As face-to-face classes move to remote instruction, you may find yourself using Canvas for the first time.  Explore our Canvas Guides to learn how to navigate and be successful in your online classroom.
Click here for student support and resources Visit the Online Student Support page to find a list of available student resources and software to help with the transition to online learning.

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