New to Online Education?

To help you succeed in your online courses, these online-readiness resources can help get you off to a great start! 



Quest for Online Success Online Readiness Course

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Why Enroll in Quest?

Taking an online class can be different from a traditional face-to-face class. Time management, computer requirements, and online communication are all important considerations.To help you prepare for online learning, COC offers a FREE, self-paced online course, hosted in Canvas, called Quest.

 In Quest, a self-assessment will help you to identify your learning strengths and areas for improvement.

Complete Quest’s interactive modules to help you improve your learning skills and optimize your strengths

Quest Guide: If you are taking your first online course, complete modules 1- Self-Assessment, 2-Online Learning Overview, and 3- Tech Ready. If you are ready to learn additional skills, complete modules 4- Becoming an effective online learner, 5- Career Exploration, 6- Ed planning, 7- Personal Support, and 8- Financial planning.