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Top Canvas Tips

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Canvas Kungfu Panda

1. Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge

2. Change your password

  • Go to account, then settings, then edit settings, then change password then update settings

3. Find your courses

  • Go to Courses, then All Courses, select the star on the courses you want to see on your dashboard

4. Check out your "What-If" grade

  • View "What-if" scores to see how your grades will be affected by an assignment. Go to your course, then to Grades, and click "Show What-If Score". Enter a hypothetical grade for any ungraded item.

5. Don't miss assignment feedback

  • Look for the feedback or speech icons Feedback icon  next to assignments to see feedback from your instructor.

6. Set your preferences

  • Do you want to be notified by text message or email when your instructor grades your assignments or when a due date changes? Do you want to be notified ASAP or only once per day? To update your notification preferences, click on Account, then select Notifications.

7. Go mobile Cell phone with Canvas logo

  • Download Canvas' FREE app for Android and iPhone to access your course on the go!  

8. Save a back-up file of your work

  • Always save a copy of a typed submission in a Microsoft Word or Pages (or notepad) file outside of Canvas before clicking the submit button. Why do this? There's always a chance that you could lose what you've typed.

9. Get help with Canvas

  • If you need help while using Canvas, call Canvas Support - someone will answer your call, 24/7!

Telephone image and Canvas support numbers


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