NC BCSK-100 - Non-Credit Basic SKills GED Prep - Maggie Lofton

Course:Non-Credit Basic SKills GED Prep
Professor:Maggie Lofton
Format:100% Online
Course Length:16 week
Textbook Title:No textbooks are required for this course; however, there are some resources that are highly recommended to assist you in your learning towards passing your GED test. New Readers Press – offers books to guide your study in Language Arts and Social Studies. The textbooks suggested for this class are applicable to the subject in study, as needed. All text are available for purchase online at The New Readers Press GED Test Prep Book There are several versions available at the New Readers Press website. Also, some older publications can provide excellent study practice. Social Studies for the GED Test Author: Various Copyright: 2014 Publisher: New Readers Press ISBN: 978-1-56420-694-7 Reasoning Through Language Arts for the GED Test Author: Various Copyright: 2013: Publisher: New Readers Press • Complete set of books 1-4 from New Readers Press Book 1: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics ISBN: 978-1-56420-859-0 Book 2: Reading Comprehension ISBN: 978-1-56420-860-6 Book 3: Extended Response and Short Answers ISBN: 978-1-56420-861-3 Book 4: Practice Prompts for Extended Response and Short Answers ISBN: 978-1-56420-866-8 Math for the GED Test Author: Various Copyright: 2014 Publisher: New Readers Press Math Sense Book 1: Focus On Operations ISBN: 978-1-56420-691-6 Math Sense Book 2: Focus on Problem Solving ISBN: 978-1-56420-692-3 Math Sense Book 3: Focus on Analysis ISBN: 978-1-56420-693-0 Science for the GED test Author: Various Copyright: 2014 Publisher: New Readers Press Science for the GED Test- 2018 Edition ISBN: 978-1-56420-755-5 • Calculator (for use in taking the Math test) The TI-30XS MultiView calculator may be helpful for those of you taking the Social Studies test. It can be purchased at a local store like Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Walmart, etc. for about $12-$20.


Welcome to the GED Prep class. My name is Maggie Lofton and I am excited to be leading you in your journey towards earning your General Educational Development certificate. This class will provide you with the opportunity to find out about the structure of the GED test and provide resources to help you prepare to take the exam.

Course Description

This GED Preparation course is designed to assist students in preparing to pass the Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics subtests of the GED exam.

What to Expect in this Course

This is an 100% online self-paced class. Course materials will be available on Canvas.

Continued participation in online assignments and/or discussions is required to remain enrolled in this class and access online instructional program. Student progress will determine eligibility to take the GED Ready Test at no cost.

The effort and time that you dedicate to your studies will be reflected in your progress and success.

Types of Assessments

Students will utilize self assessments available in online programs and textbooks to determine progress and further course of study. Official GED® practice test vouchers may be provided for students to determine readiness for testing.

Additional Textbook Information / Link to OER Textbook

How to Access the Class

The course can be accessed via Canvas at on the first day of the course. Complete registration for the course starts the process. All students are automatically issued a Canvas username and password for this class.

Your initial login information will be:

For any Canvas related issues please call the Canvas Student Support line at (661)362-3344 during college business hours, or (877)889-9052 for 24/7 support

Other Relevant Course Information

GED Testing Service - MyGED™

Provides information and resources on preparing for the GED exam. When you are ready to make an appointment for the GED test please contact: GED Testing Service at: and create an account at MyGED™

This site will provide helpful information and assist you in registering to take the GED exam.

  • Select and pay for the individual test
  • Select testing site, day and time to take your test*

Additional Resources


The course can be accessed via Canvas at on the first day of the course. Follow the login instructions at the bottom of the screen to log in. Here, you can also access Canvas user guides with helpful tips for navigating and using Canvas. For any Canvas related issues please call the Canvas Student Support line at 877-889-9052 for 24/7 support.

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