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BUS-132 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Susan Gilbert


Course: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Professor: Susan Gilbert
Format: Hybrid

Conflict and Resolution, 2nd Edition

Getting To Yes


Welcome Students!

Welcome to Bus 132, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution a hybrid (online and face to face) course at College of the Canyons! My name is Susan Gilbert, and I am your instructor for this course. Please read this Orientation Letter and the Syllabus thoroughly, and pay special attention to instructions for logging in to Canvas. If you have any questions regarding this course, including the information contained in the Course Syllabus, (which can be found on this course’s Canvas web site under “Course Syllabus”), you can email me at Please allow up to two (2) business days for a response to your email.

A Little Bit About Your Professor:

To break the ice, and to make everyone feel more at ease, I find it helpful to introduce myself and provide a brief biography to new students. I live in three different worlds: law, teaching, and music. I have a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of La Verne Law School. I have been a practicing attorney for over twenty years in the fields of business, business negotiation, litigation, contracts, torts, estate planning, and  government administration. Music is in my family (my father was a jazz musician), and when I’m not looking up the law or teaching, you can find me playing electric guitar and bass in a hard rock/punk band.

A Brief Overview of Business 132 (Negotiation & Conflict Resolution):

This course is an introduction to the world of business negotiation and conflict resolution. The goal of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of conflict in the business world and how to resolve those conflicts using various negotiation methods and strategies. As your instructor, I want all of you to succeed and thrive in this course. This class is challenging and you will be required to put in the necessary work to succeed, but in return you will gain much knowledge and learn new critical thinking and negotiation skills that are applicable not only to the business world but to other disciplines as well.


Since this is a hybrid course, and not a traditional class, a portion of this class is online and the other portion meets in a classroom each week. As such, I will be taking attendance when we meet in the classroom each week. Please note that participation is very important to your success in this course. That means not only coming to class but also logging on the course’s Canvas site at least twice a week to note assignments, discussion board topics, written assignments, and exam deadlines. This is a college course, and it is not my responsibility to baby-sit students. This means that you are solely responsible for keeping track of and abiding by all due dates and deadlines.

Textbook and Other Sources

You will need two books for this course, Conflict and Resolution, 2nd Edition, by Barbara Nagle Lechman, and Getting To Yes by Roger Fisher and William  Ury.  Without the books, you will not succeed in this course. Also, sometimes I will assign supplemental materials for you to read and study which will be posted on the course’s Canvas website.

A Word About Technology:

Technology can be our friend or our enemy, depending upon how you look at it. Since this is a hybrid course, you will be using your computer a lot, so you will need to be “friends” with your computer. You must have the following technology for this course:

  1. a reliable computer with reliable Internet access – this cannot be stressed enough!

  2.  a valid and up-to-date email address that is checked regularly, ie., at least every other day – very, very important; and,

  1. a good browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to be able to complete this course, but if you are a newcomer to the technology used in hybrid and online courses, you can get technical assistance for Canvas through College of the Canyon’s support desk. If you are not familiar with how to navigate Canvas, or are not familiar with the features and tools of Canvas, you can view the tutorials made available by the technical support desk at College of the Canyons.

Now the Big Question: Can You Handle a Hybrid Course?

Hybrid courses can be very rewarding because they provide flexibility and an educational opportunity for those who may not be able to attend a traditional college  class.  However, a hybrid course is a double-edged sword: while the flexibility is great, it won’t be a good experience if you are not self-disciplined or self-motivated, don’t have good time management skills,  and don’t pay attention to instructions.  In  other words, just because this is a hybrid class doesn’t mean it will be “easy.” If you are not disciplined, don’t complete reading assignments, miss deadlines, don’t follow instructions, or have difficulty managing your time, then this course is NOT for you – you will be more likely to succeed in a traditional college course.

And Away We Go!

So you’ve gotten this far in the Orientation Letter and have not been scared off…great! I hope you find this course to be insightful, practical, and not too boring! So let the many- faceted world of business negotiation open up to you

Professor Susan Gilbert, J.D., Esq.
Adjunct, School of Business, College of the Canyons