CAWT-173 - Dreamweaver - Sara Stuart  

Course: Dreamweaver
Professor: Sara Stuart
Format: Online

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019: The Professional Portfolio Series, 2019 Release, By Against the Clock

Online Course Information

CAWT 173 is a required course for completion of a certificate or degree in Web Site Development and Publishing offered by the Department of Computer Applications and Web Technologies (CAWT).

Course Description

This course introduces Adobe Dreamweaver - to develop and publish web sites, emphasizing a critical-thinking approach and accepted standards of web page design. Proficiency with Windows, OS, PC, the Internet, and basic HTML and CSS is assumed.

We will be exploring Dreamweaver as both a web page creation and web site management tool. Topics covered include:

Setting up and managing a new site, CSS page layouts, CSS3 transitions and web fonts, Dreamweaver workflow, incorporating multimedia, code-editing features, and building web forms.

Student Learning Outcome


Plan a web site using Dreamweaver, integrating interactive elements and elementary dynamic content applying good usability principles.


Construct and efficiently maintain a comprehensive web site with Dreamweaver, demonstrating the integration of interactive elements and elementary dynamic content, as well as the application of good usability principles.

Dreamweaver permits users to work in graphical WYSIWYG, code, or graphical-code split views. Although the graphical view approaches true WYSIWYG, it is not always perfect and use of the code or split views is often necessary to tweak code generated by Dreamweaver. This is one reason why it is necessary to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Adobe DreamweaverTextbook

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019: The Professional Portfolio Series

2019 Release

By Against the Clock


Canvas Accounts:

This course is administered in CANVAS, an online learning management system (LMS).

All aspects of this course, including exams, are administered entirely online. Attendance on campus is not required. The course Syllabus and other important information are available in Canvas. Canvas is accessible 24x7, but is occasionally inaccessible during the very early morning hours on weekends so that maintenance can be performed. Students are required to log into Canvas daily to check announcements and discussion board posts.

Access your course via Canvas at on the first day of the course. Follow the login instructions at the bottom of the screen to log in. Here, you can also access Canvas user guides with helpful tips for navigating and using Canvas.  

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How to change password:

For any Canvas related issues please call the Canvas Student Support line at (661) 362-3344 during college business hours, or (877) 889-9052 for 24/7 support. For technical support using Canvas, visit the Canvas Student Guide.

IMPORTANT: All students must log into Canvas and complete the orientation assignment by its due date. If this first assignment is not completed by its day and time, you will be dropped from the course.

Please note: If you choose not to complete the course, you are responsible for dropping the class by the official college deadlines.

Web Accounts

All students will be issued web accounts so that homework can be posted to the CAWT web server. These accounts will be issued around the end of the second week of the semester, once related basic skills are acquired, and detailed information regarding these accounts will be provided at that time. Uploading homework to the CAWT web server and managing web sites remotely is a required, graded component of the class. Homework is not accepted nor graded unless uploaded to the web server and viewable on the Web, except in cases when alternative instructions may be provided.

Hardware Requirements

Students are responsible for access to reliable hardware. It is the student’s responsibility to assure that their equipment is reliable and in good working order. An alternative is to work on campus where such hardware is available during school hours. A data backup strategy involving daily backups is very strongly recommended. Below is the link for Adobe’s minimum requirements for Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver CC system requirements

Software Requirements

  • All students are required to have their own copy of, or regular access to Adobe Dreamweaver CC (NOTE: College of the Canyons does not provide free software to students. Adobe software is available by annual subscription for a monthly fee for which there is a student discount. Please check details at

  • A media player that is compatible with mpg4, mov, wmv, and swf formats (free VLC media player is recommended:
  • Access to a reliable Internet connection and computer with a sound card or integrated sound capability (NOTE: the instructor does not provide Technical support)

Other Requirements

  • A College of the Canyons e-mail account
  • Knowledge of how to e-mail, attach documents, and view attachments
  • Proficiency with your computer’s operating system
  • Proficiency with computer file management (i.e., how to name, rename, copy, move, delete, nest, navigate, organize, and archive files and directories, as well as manage paths)
  • Proficiency with the Internet, including navigation and how to upload and download resources
  • Experience with browser software, including management of plug-ins and how to search online resources
  • Effective time management skills
  • Good study habits
  • Motivation and discipline to work independently

If your internet connection is dropped because of a faulty connection or you have other difficulties with your computer, it is your responsibility to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

**Computer or network failures are not considered excuses for missing any assignment or quiz in this class, nor is missing important announcements because you didn't check your e-mail.**

Contact Information and E-mail

  • My Email:
  • Correct e-mail protocol is very important. Make sure to review the Email Instructions below.

COC Student Email

All class-related e-mail must originate from a student MyCanyons e-mail account. Due to privacy concerns, all students must set up and use their COC Student Email for communicating with me. In the body of your e-mail be sure to again include your full name and any questions, problems or comments you may have.

The link below will take you to the instructions for setting up your COC Student Email.


Welcome to the class! I look forward to working with you this semester!


Sara Stuart

Computer Applications and Web Technologies