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ENVRMT-101 - Introduction to Environmental Studies - Vincent Devlahovich


Course: Introduction to Environmental Studies
Professor: Dr. Vincent Devlahovich
Format: Online

Collapse, Jared Diamond, revised edition, Penguin Publishing Group (2011)

The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert, Picador Publishing Co. (2015)

Introduction Dr. Vincent Devlahovich

I have been teaching here are College of the Canyons for over 12 years and have taught many online classes both here and at other colleges and universities. I want you to succeed in your higher education endeavors and will do all I can to help you do so.  Keep in mind though that online classes are NOT for everyone.  If you start having problems in this course, contact me ASAP and consider dropping the course early, so you do not earn a W.  

This course is delivered in a 100% online format. Online courses like this one require a high degree of time management skills as well as a moderate level of online competence. In order to succeed in this course, you will have to manage your time efficiently, as this course is a sixteen week course. You will need to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to this course to earn a high grade.

If you can budget this significant amount of time consistently for the next five weeks, then first read the syllabus IN DETAIL and email me at if you have any questions or concerns. This is the best, in fact the ONLY way, to reach me during this course. Also check your MyCanyons email regularly during this course, as I often send you reminders of deadlines and cutoffs which are firm and will not be changed for any reason.

Each week of the course has a module listed that has all the assignments required for that week. Be sure to pay particular attention to the deadlines in this course because they are FIRM and cannot be changed for ANY REASON. Good luck and enjoy your exploration of the wonders of Environmental Studies!

Course Description 

Introduces the use of the Earth's natural resources by human civilizations; the roles that economics, ethics, law, history, politics, culture and gender inequity have played in resource use and distribution; as well as career opportunities in environmental studies.

Course Information

This course is 100% online and requires NO face-to-face meetings or proctored exams. 

Textbook information

 Collapse The Sixth Extinction

Collapse, Jared Diamond, revised edition, Penguin Publishing Group (2011)
The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert, Picador Publishing Co. (2015)

Both books are REQUIRED and available in paperback

Other relevant course information 

If you are on the waitlist and want to add, you need to contact me at the email address above ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS to see if there are any open seats. This is your responsibility, should you want to crash the class.

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