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MUSIC-107 - History of Rock & Roll - Bernardo Feldman


Course: History of Rock & Roll
Professor: Bernardo Feldman
Format: Online
Textbook: OnMusic™ Rock 3rd Ed.


Class Description

Explores the rise of Rock & Roll as a musical genre and examines its place in modern society.

Access code and course materials

You need to purchase:

OnMusic™ Rock (Latest Edition) published by which contains the access code and all courses materials. You can do so through the Barnes & Noble bookstore at College of the Canyons or from the Connect For Education online store (


For eligible California residents, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver permits enrollment fees to be waived. (Assistance for the purchase of books and supplies must be applied for separately.)

Many California community colleges offer online BOG Fee Waiver applications through

CCCApply. When you use these financial aid online applications, the data you've entered in CCCApply will be transferred automatically, making your financial aid application much easier and faster.

In addition, the form for applying for the BOG Fee Waiver is available via PDF from the website.

Initial instructions

Contact the instructor during the first week via e-mail or you run the risk of being dropped from the course.

From your computer, go to: You will be directed to a page whose top screen will look like this:

Connect 4 education

There, under the STUDENT tab, you will have following options: 

  • Purchase
  • Register
  • Login
  • Student Help


Click on the PURCHASE option to purchase an access code for the course text. You will be directed to the Connect For Education Online Store ( The access code you will need to purchase is as follows: OnMusic Rock 3rd Edition


OnMusic™ Rock

Third Edition ISBN # 978-0-9991160-1-2

Once you have purchased your access code, click the REGISTER.

Once you’ve done that, a new screen will appear which will allow you to register the access code you purchased:

Connect for education

Please provide all the requested information for each of the empty slots, including the access code you purchased.  This process will create a username and password which will be used to access the course text.

Once you’ve completed your access code registration, you can login to your course directly through the college’s webpage at   


College of the Canyons Canvas URL:

You will notice that you will be given an opportunity to log in to Canvas, and/or to view various tutorials that will orient you:

Access Your Canvas Course Online

Once you’ve logged into the course via the College of the Canyons Canvas site, select the History of Rock & Roll – Music 107 course from your Dashboard. Once inside the course, look at the left side of your screen. A navigation menu similar to the one displayed below will appear with the course number corresponding to the class you are enrolled MUSIC107 appearing in the top left of the screen:

Canvas music 107

Click on the Home or Modules menu option. A page displaying a series of modules, each of them containing a section of the course will appear. The 1st module contains all of the Course Information.  

The Course Introduction page provides comprehensive information regarding the course itself including:

  • A description of the course and its goals
  • Course Format
  • Evaluation and Grading

The Minimum Requirements & System Check page includes information on the hardware and software required for the class (see below). 

Minimum Requirements

Required software requirements

The Getting Started- ACTION REQUIRED! page provides detailed information regarding what you need to do to access the course text (OnMusic Rock, Second Edition). As mentioned earlier in this document, you will need to purchase an access code and register it on the Connect For Education registration site in order to access the course text. Please refer to the information within this module for additional guidance on these processes.

 music 107 modules

Once you have read all contents within the 1st module of the course and you have completed the necessary tasks to get started with your course, click again on the Home or Modules page and choose the 2nd module named Course Text Access/ACCESS COURSE TEXT HERE!. This section will contain a link to the Connect For Education website ( ) where you will go to read the course text. (This section of the course also provides reference information regarding the access code purchase and registration for your reference.)


Upon accessing the Connect For Education website (it will be launched in a separate browser window), you will be prompted to enter your username and password. (This username and password is created during the access code registration process described earlier in this document.) Once you are logged into the Connect For Education course site, select your course from your Course Dashboard, which will have current and pertinent information:


Once you have selected your course, the course home page will appear which displays a series of modules, each of them containing a section of the course:

onmusic rock

Open and close each section of the course by clicking the name of the class. Choose the page you would like read by clicking the link for the first item in the module. You can use the orange left/right arrows on each page to navigate through the course text. Simply click the Course Name within the ‘breadcrumbs’ at the top of the page to return to the module listing.

c4elink contents

Once you have read a section of the course text on the Connect For Education website and you are ready to begin your coursework (i.e. Quizzes, Exams, Written Assignments), click back to the Modules page within your College of the Canyons Canvas course and choose the module that corresponds to the section of the course you are working on.

canvas lessons

As the semester progresses, repeat the process of reading the course text on the Connect For Education website and completing your coursework in your College of the Canyon Canvas course until you complete the final exam by the end of the semester.


VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to also visit and participate in the Discussions. You will be able to access them in a similar manner by clicking on the Discussions option on the left navigation panel of your College of the Canyon Canvas course. I will be providing topics for all of us to debate and to analyze in threaded discussions. Your ongoing participation is critical in the calculation of your final grading at the instructor’s discretion. Students initiating discussions and opening new forums will be given extra credit (2% extra credit for an initiated topic). 

I encourage you to approach this course with the most positive spirit. The music that you will hear is profoundly engaging and interesting.  


Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between various styles of rock and roll.
  2. Trace the evolution of rock & roll through different historical and social periods.

evaluation and grading



As an alternative to doing the course online, you have a choice to complete the four essays listed right below. Each essay has to be no less than 2000 words and it is worth 25% of your grade. 


  1. The blues had a profound impact on early rock and roll. From the list below, choose one of the three pairs of songs that include one blues and one early rock and roll song each. Your task is to identify, list, and describe in as much detail as possible two musical elements (e.g., instrumentation, form, subject of the lyrics, or vocal delivery style) that the two songs in each pair have in common, and two elements where they differ.


Pair one: Walking’ Blues (Skip James) and Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley)

Pair two: 34 Blues (Charley Patton) and Boogie In the Park (Joe Hill Louis)

Pair three: Devil Got My Woman (Skip James)  and  Rock Awhile (Goree Carter)

  1. Phil Spector was an important producer who created an original sound and recording style. Your task is to first, list and describe some of the techniques that Spector developed, and how they affected the sound of his recordings. Choose any two songs produced by Phil Spector, and describe how they reflect his stylistic traits.


  1. Female musicians have always played a significant role in popular music. Choose two of the following three female musicians and complete the task and questions below:
  • Memphis Minnie (born Lizzie Douglas)
  • Carole King
  • Patti Smith


Briefly discuss their careers and musical contributions. In what genres of music did they (or do they still) perform? What instrument(s) do they play? In interviews, have they discussed their female identities and how it affects their careers?

  1. By the late 1960s, rock had become a genre almost totally dominated by white artists. Consider the following non-white rock artists:
  • Carlos Santana
  • Joan Armatrading
  • Living Colour


Choose two artists and discuss their biographies and careers. How would you characterize their music? Have these artists discussed their relationship to the whiteness of rock?