What is Remote Instruction?

Online education and remote instruction are two methods for teaching and learning when students and instructors are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom.

Online instruction courses use online tools to deliver lessons, activities, assignments, exams, and to communicate with the instructor and other students. This is mainly done via the learning management system Canvas. Students enrolled in an online class are able to complete all their coursework and activities online without needing to physically attend a class.

Remote instruction is used for instructional continuity during a time of emergency when traditional classes cannot meet in-person. Students enrolled in classes using remote instruction may need to join an online lecture at a particular date or time, or may be given flexibility to complete lessons, activities, assignments and exams at a distance while adhering to instructor-defined due dates. Communication may occur via Canvas, video conferencing, email, or chat applications.

In both cases, instructors shall initiate regular and effective contact with students.

Summer Orientation Letters

Read your Instructor's orientation letter for information about their course, such as their required textbooks(s), instructional materials, important dates, proctored exams, or other course requirements.

Get to know Canvas

As face-to-face classes move to remote instruction, you may find yourself using Canvas for the first time.  Explore our Canvas Guides to learn how to navigate and be successful in your online classroom.

Click here for student support and resources

Visit the Online Student Support page to find a list of available student resources and software to help with the transition to online learning.



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