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Illuminati: Reinstating the New World Order

Background Guide


Step away from the official facts and into the realm of conspiracy, where the hand of the Illuminati lives on and works to silently puppeteer global events. Its most elite members gather in secret from shadow or spotlight. The time has come to initiate the greatest political and social regime change in history. The Illuminati must now meet to make the final preparations for the New World Order. Politics and power, secrets and sabotage abound as the Illuminated Ones ready their actions behind the scenes and out of the public eye. The window of opportunity to establish the New World Order won’t be open long- and it’s critical that the Illuminati moves with deadly precision, lest the public catch on too soon. There is no room for mistakes in the game of global domination. After all, the fate of the entire world is the prize.


John McCloud

John McCloud, Chair


Joel Szekmesiter

Joel Szekmeister, Chair


Brylee Flores

Brylee Flores, Chair


Caleb Lunetta

Caleb Lunetta, Assistant Crisis Director