BEFORE opening the DECT Online Application form, please read the DECT Online Application Guide below:

DECT Online Application Guide


To request funding for your distance education captioning and transcription needs, please fill out the DECT Application and Agreement form. Please fill out separate applications for different terms and captioning vendors.


***Currently accepting SUMMER 2020 Applications***

DECT Application 


Additional Project Courses
The Additional Project Courses form is a continuation from Page 6 of the DECT Application and Agreement form.  Please use this form if you have more than fifteen (15) classes that need captioning services and attach the completed form at the top left corner of Page 6.

Additional Project Courses


End of Term Report 
Please fill out and return the End of Term Report within six weeks after the end of the semester. The information can be found at your institutional research office or MIS might be able to send you a copy.

End of Term Report


Payment Method: A
To request reimbursement for work completed for your approved Project, please email so that the DECT office can initiate the Request for Reimbursement form for reimbursement.



If an award is not used in the term for which you applied, your award will automatically be closed at the end of that term, and the monies will be returned to the pool of funds that may be awarded to other colleges. If you have unused funds by the end of a term and still have captioning/transcription needs, please submit a new application for the following term. For example, you were awarded $1,000 for a project to be completed during the Spring semester and you did not use these funds before the end of the Spring semester. Your award will automatically expire and the $1,000 will return to the pool of monies that may be awarded to other colleges. If it turns out that the project you planned for Spring will be delayed until the Fall semester, please submit a new application for Fall.


For more information, please see FAQs page