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DECT Grant Update Tech Ed Conf Pasadena
Tech Ed Conference Pasadena - April 12, 2010


DECT Grant Update Glapa Grossklag OTC Conf San Diego June 2010
OTC Conference San Diego - June 2010


DECT Webinar PeopleSupport Rapidtext
Distance Education Captioning & Transcription Grant (DECT)
A Brief Overview And Guide to Getting Funded
Kathy Furlan, PeopleSupport Rapidtext, Inc. - 2/24/10


DECT Webinar AST 11-18-09
Captioning Beyond Compliance
Using the DECT grant and AST to Deliver Effective Distance Learning
Pat Brogan, Ph.D. - 11/18/09


DECT Grant Update Tech Ed
Tech Ed Conference - 3/23/09


DECT Grant Update AAC New Directors' Training
AAC New Directors' Training - Fall 2009


DECT Grant Update CAPED Annual Convention
CAPED Annual Convention - 10/20/09